The £3 Gingerbread Candle You NEED In Your Life!

Hey beaut's!

It's no secret that I'm a crazy candle lady, my house is pretty much lit up like Blackpool all year round, however during the Autumn and Winter months my addiction gets even worse and that's not only because I love that cosy feeling but because all of my favourite warm, spicy scents come back out and and I just have to have them all.

Last week my boyfriends parents went out for that day and came back with a couple of candles for me ( you see, everyone knows I'm a candle addict) one of which was in the scent Gingerbread, which I just HAD to share with you all today! This Gingerbread candle came from Home Bargains and cost a teeny tiny £3, what a bargain hey, it's in a heavy glass jar and is the same size as the large Yankee Candles so it's seriously good value considering the Yankees are about £22.00 now! When I opened the lid I was met with the most amazing, strong 'gingerbread men baking in the oven' scent, my goodness its smells incredible but the real test was when I actually burnt this, was it going to have a good scent throw seeing as it was such a bargain??? Yes is does, the scent throw is great and it's super recognisable throughout my entire house, I'm really impressed by it as I must admit I wasn't expecting anything major. If you like sweet, warming, spicy scents your going to love this and trust me your going to be craving gingerbread so badly each time you burn this!

Overall I'd say this is up there with one of my most favourite candles I've ever burnt and that's really saying something considering how many candles I go through! I'm just praying Home Bargains keep getting stock of this in up until Christmas because I need to go in there and stock up as I'm going to be so sad once this is gone, it does have a burn time of up to 95 hours but that's not enough, I need a burn time of forever ha ha. 

Have you tried this candle beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!   



  1. I love the cosy feeling of candles too and am always burning them :) This sounds like one I definitely need to add to my collection xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. This candle sounds gorgeous! I love how cosy the house feels when a candle has been lit and this one seems perfect. Also love your photography, this photo is beautiful x


  3. Oh wow what a BARGAIN. I loveeee candles and I know my mum does too. I am a fan of Yankee candle but any dupes are welcome. I really want to get a Gingerbread candle so I will be looking this one up. Gorgeous post Hayley x

  4. I have this in the lounge and it fills the whole room up - amazing!

    Parie x

    Class and Glitter

  5. I need this immediately! I can't believe it was only £3. I love ginger, cinnamon and orange scented candles at this time of year. Also can I just say, your instagram feed is amazing!

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  6. I absolutely love scented candles but I'm gutted that they usually cost so much because I'd love to burn them just non-stop and then they're gone way too quickly!
    This candle sounds amazing to me! I love the smell of gingerbread. Over the last weekend I've been to a Polish city called Torun where they make gingerbread on literally every corner! It smells amazing!
    That candle would be so relaxing for cosy autumn and winter nights in!

  7. I loved this post so much. Well done beautiful + thanks for the tip!
    Jasmine McRae | London Beauty Blog

  8. I bought this one the other day. I'm not usually a fan of spicy scents but this one smells really good! I'm trying to finish up some others before I start using it though! xox


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