Morning Pops Cereal Subscription Box Review

 Hey beaut's!

Now you all know I'm partial to a subscription box or two especially when foods involved, so when I heard about Morning Pops - the UK's first cereal subscription box company I couldn't wait to give it a whirl and it certainly didn't disappoint!
 As I said before Morning Pops* is the UK's first cereal subscription box delivering a selection of the worlds greatest and yummiest breakfast cereals to your door every month for just £8.95 including P&P. Within the Morning Pops box you get 3 large servings of delicious cereals from the USA, Japan, Australia, France and beyond, 1 large serving of cereal created exclusively by the Morning Pops cereal experts in the Morning Pops Kitchen and a bonus item (from a collectable toy to a sweet treat from a foreign land!) and possibly a Lucky Troll...What's even better is the box fits perfectly through your letter box, so you don't have to be home for your delivery.
 This month we have a serving of Kellogg's Fruit Loops from the USA along with Hershey's Cookies n Creme, which I have to add is totally divine, theres also a serving of Nestle's Chocapic Duo from France and the limited edition cereal this month which was made in the Morning Pops kitchen is a mix of chocolate pillows and marshmallows, these have a Nutella taste too them and where super scrumptious. The bonus item this month was a little Reese's Peanut Butter Cup which the boyfriend demolished within a second he he.
Overall I think this is such an amazing concept and idea, cereals from around the world are often so hard to get hold of and this way you get to try a bowl full so easily, I also love that the cereals come in handy little individually wrapped and sealed pouches which means you can easily pop them in your bag for work if you have your breakfast in the office.

If you'd like to give Morning Pops a whirl for yourself I have a cheeky discount code for you that will get you a lovely 25% off your first box, just use BLOG25.

What do you think of a cereal subscription box beaut's? I'd love to know! 



  1. This sounds like such a fab idea - I love novelty cereal, but I've had a look at their subscription and annoyingly there are no options. My partner has a really bad nut allergy, so we both have to avoid them and there's no nut free option, how annoying!

    Steph -

  2. Oh this is so so cute! I absolutely love cereal, one of those people who can eat it for every single meal. I love that this also brings cereal from all around the world, so unique! What I love about it is also its not one of those small serving sizes like in the variety packs which never fills me up! xx

  3. I love this idea! Looks like a great way of trying different cereal!

    Serena /


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