Lush Lava Lamp Bath Bomb Review

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Today I have lush bath bomb review for you all with very mixed results! Now I'm a huge Lush fan, in fact I'd say I am quite addicted so when I saw that they had launched a new bath bomb named Lava Lamp I couldn't wait to buy it and give it a whirl!

The Lava Lamp Bath Bomb (£4.25) is super cool to look at with its bright orange colouring and four buttery feeling neon purple spots at the top. The smell of the Lava Lamp Bath Bomb is what really had me sold though, it smells absolutely AMAZING! It contains Tangerine Oil and Orange Flower Absolute which give it such a strong citrus kick, it smells just like an actual orange, it's so realistic. Lava Lamp also contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter making it a super moisturising bath that leaves the skin super soft and nourished.

I honestly couldn't wait to throw this one into the tub but then that's where things go a bit pear shaped. As soon as I popped Lava Lamp into my bath the water turned bright orange and I could immediately smell it's gorgeous scent, within a few minutes the bath bomb had dissolved and I was left with bright orange water and the purple dots within the bath bomb had melted on the surface of my bath water and resembled that oily slick that you get inside a real lava lamp, I looked quite cool actually. After I had been soaking in the tub for a short while I started to notice that parts of my skin where stained purple like I had bruises everywhere, then I saw that all around the edges of my bath where stained too and my loofah was as well. I didn't panic at first as I thought it would just rinse off but oh no, I ended up getting my boyfriend to literally scrub at my back and basically everywhere to try and remove the stains from my skin, I also ended up having to bleach my bath and the stain wouldn't come out of my loofah at all so I had to throw that away!
If your thinking of trying this one beaut's I would avoid it, it might smell incredible and my skin did feel lovely and soft and nourished afterwards but it was such an annoyance having to bleach the bath afterwards and get my boyfriend to scrub at my skin to remove the stains, nobody wants that to deal with when they have just had a relaxing bath. It's such a shame really as I love the whole idea of this bath bomb, I have looked at the reviews on the Lush website and I think most are having problems with this one!

Did you have any trouble with this bath bomb beaut's? I'd love to know!


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