Festival Vibes!

Hey beaut's!

Festival season is fast approaching so today I thought I'd do a post featuring festival fashion and beauty must haves. Firstly the outfit.... I think it's a given that if your off to a festival then you have to rock some distressed denim shorts, I mean they just look super cute and are so easy to team up with pretty much anything aren't they. Something else that I think is essential at festivals are a pair of wellies, half the time in the UK it pours with rain and when your in a field with thousands of people things are going to get muddy so wellies are a must. Accessories wise I've gone for a super cute frindged bag and floral crown, they just add such a boho feel and I love them, I also had to include a pair of gorgeous heart shaped sunnies, I actually bought these exact ones from H&M and have fallen in love with them! Beauty wise.... Firstly dry shampoo is as you wont be able to wash you hair for a few days, plus it will help you keep some sort of style going on with it adding volume and texture to your hair. Face wipes and antibacterial hand gel are great to keep things fresh and clean whilst your at your festival, the face wipes come in so handy as you can use them to not only take off any makeup that you may have applied but they will be great at replacing your usual cleanser for a few days and you can use them to quickly wipe over your body if you wanted to spruce yourself up a bit. Lastly as you'll be exposed to the sun all day a one day long suncream is the best way to go, theres no way I'd want to carry a sun cream around with me all day, and lets face it when your having an amazing time watching your favourite bands the last thing on your mind is putting sun cream on, so the fact that you can get one that will keep your protected all day long is amazing. 
Festival Vibes


  1. Love those sunnies,and the shorts are lush xoxo

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