GWA Fairytale Makeup Brushes Reviewed

Hi beaut's!

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful these GWA Makeup Brushes are, oh my goodness I'm in love with them! Last month I was actually lucky enough to win these makeup brushes on a twitter giveaway, I couldn't believe it because I seriously never win anything ever! I have been using these brushes for around a month or so now so I thought it was about time they had their time to shine on my blog!

GWA (Girls With Attitude) is a fairly new brand to me, I have heard good things about their false lashes and false nails on YouTube but I haven't really heard anything about their new makeup brushes so I really didn't know what to expect. I actually won a selection of brushes from their Fairytale Collection which consists of 17 cruelty free, synthetic brushes that all have super soft, hand-crafted purple ombre bristles, rose gold accents and wooden handles, oh my I just cant get over how pretty these are!
 I received six brushes in total and have been loving each and every one of them so far, one of my favourites has to be the Large Powder Brush (£9.99), it's such a soft, fluffy brush with a large head that applies and blends loose or pressed powder in a flash, I also like it for bronzing too as it gets the job done in seconds! Then I have the Foundation Brush (£7.99) a firm, tapered, flat brush that is designed to apply liquid and cream foundations, I must admit I never usually use flat brushes for foundation but I gave this one a go and really liked it, I worked from the centre of my face outwards and it worked a treat! Next up I have the Contour Brush (£7.99), this has dense, rounded brush bristles which makes applying contour powders and creams to the hollows of the cheeks, forehead and jawline super easy for the perfectly chiseled look, I found that the tip of the brush picks the product up and the rounded edges blend everything out, a great brush for contour beginners! Then going onto the three smaller brushes I have starting with the Concealer Brush (£4.99), the flat brush head of this brush is great at concealing imperfections, under eye circles, to tidy up the edges of the lips after applying lipstick, to tidy brow edges or for precise contouring of the nose, it really is a brush full of so many uses! Then theres the Brow Arch Illuminator Brush (£4.99), this is an angled, flat and densely packed brush designed to apply highlighter to the brow bone for a seamless and blended effect however, I never use brushes this shape to highlight my brow bone so instead I've been using this brush for blending out eyeshadow in my crease, it actually works great used in that way. Lastly I have the Lip Brush (£3.99) this is a small, flat and firm brush with a tapered tip which applies lipstick and lip liner perfectly and neatly, this is such a useful brush when you want to apply darker vampy lips.
Overall I am so impressed with these brushes and definitely want to buy some more to complete my collection, not only do they look stunning but they are so easy to work with, blend my makeup like a dream and they even wash up well too without any shedding bristles.

Have you tried any of the GWA Fairytale Makeup Brushes beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!



  1. This brushes look so pretty I love the colour xoxo

  2. Really enjoyed reading your blogpost. The colour is amazing!
    Xx Sarah

  3. These are so pretty!! I love the colours and the fact they're cruelty free.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

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