Graze Box Review + 1st, 5th and 10th Box Free!

 Hey beaut's!

Recently I've been thinking of getting a bit healthier but I still want to indulge in a treat or two every now and again and when I saw that my friend Kate was getting Graze Box - a snacks subscription box with a slightly healthier yet tasty side, I just knew I had to try it!

Graze Box (£3.89) is a snacks subscription box that contains four punnets of treats that you can either choose to be delivered every week or every fortnight. Graze has many box options to choose from, I have the original snack box but they have a light box, protein box, pure box, chocolate box and even a flapjack box to choose from so theres certainly something for everyone to enjoy! What I love about Graze Box is that their website allows you to browse their entire menu and you get the choice whether to bin, try, like, love or send soon each particular food item, this way you can bin everything you know you really wont like meaning you'll never get something nasty in your box or you can select to like or send soon which means that Graze will send you that snack as soon as they can, it's such a good concept! 

In my first Graze Box I received the Graze Brownie (the better for you brownie), these where super yummy and I actually got 3 slices of brownie which was such a treat, I've kept these on my send soon list because I loved them so much! Next up was the Banoffee Dippers, again I really liked these, there was 3 wholemeal banana shortbread dippers and a toffee sauce to dip the shortbread in, as you can imagine these felt like such a treat and I really enjoyed them. Then I had the Boston Baguettes with a BBQ Relish, these where amazing and totally up my street, there was lots of tomato flavour breaded baguettes in the punnet and the BBQ relish was super yummy. Lastly I got the Honeycomb Flapjack and wow this was incredible, it's safe to say the first box I got ticked all the boxes for me and was absolutely amazing!  
Graze Box comes with your normal Royal Mail post and fits through your letter box so you wont have to worry about staying in to receive your box or having to sign for it, it's very easy and convenient! Each box will set you back just £3.89, so either £3.89 a week if you choose the weekly option or £3.89 a fortnight which is the option I chose.

If you'd like to get your 1st, 5th and 10th box FREE then use my code 17RPPZHPB, theres no commitments and if you decide you don't like the box after your first free one then you can cancel your subscription at any time, pretty amazing right! 

What do you think of Graze Box beaut's? Do let me know if you use my code too he he!


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  1. Love Grazebox and this looks like a really yummy box xoxo


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