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Hey beaut's!

Our lovely friends over at Makeup Revolution have another new release for us all... Yup they are the Kings and Queens of new launches aren't they he he. This time around Makeup Revolution have launched another blush palette called 'All About Pink', this follows the huge success of the Sugar & Spice, Hot Spice and newly launched Golden Sugar Blush Palettes, which I have to just add are all absolutely stunning palettes indeed. 

The Makeup Revolution 'All About Pink' Palette* (£6.00) comes packaged in the usual sleek, black casing with a lovely large compact mirror inside the pull up lid which is always appreciated. The palette itself contains 8 large panned blushes with a mixture of shimmer and matte finishes perfect for creating that pinky flush, there's also a 2 shades within the palette that I think would work beautifully as highlighting powders too.
The shade range in the 'All About Pink' Palette is definitely for the girlie girls out there who are lovers of all things pink, at first glance the shades made me think of the movie Mean Girls, the 'On Wednesday We Wear Pink' quote just came to mind he he, so now I personally call this palette my Mean Girls palette ha ha. Honestly though, there's such a lovely selection of different toned pinks to choose from that would work well for different occasions, looks and even nights out too, I just love the versatility!
I've found that each pan of blush within the palette has great pigmentation and be warned a little goes a very long way with these, they also feel extremely soft to swatch making the blushes a dream to work with and they blend out beautifully. As for lasting power... their great! I've found after a good 6-8 hours I could use a little top up which I think is absolutely fine considering how affordable the palette is, I also love the fact that when the blushes do start to fade they fade evenly and don't go patchy or blotchy at all because I hate that.

Overall its another Makeup Revolution success! These Blush palettes are just great and really allow you to build your makeup collection up without having lots of single compacts laying around, they're also great for travelling as they allow you lots of choice in one single compact. All in all the 'All About Pink' palette is an absolute beaut and as always it's an amazing bargain to at just £6.00... Yup you did read that correctly, £6.00 for 8 pans of blush, that's just 75p each, you really cant get any better than that can you. 

What's been your favourite Makeup Revolution new release recently beaut's?? I'd love to know.



  1. I have the Sugar&Spice palette which I love but I'm tempted to get this too-it looks gorgeous and I think for the price Makeup Revolution products are amazing quality x


    1. Ohh Sugar & Spice is such a good choice, love that one. I'd highly recommend All About Pink, it's so nice haveing so many shades of pink to play with hehe.
      Hayley xoxo

  2. I haven't been lucky enough to get my hands on one of these yet! :( this one looks lovely for rosey cheeks!xxxx

  3. This looks beautiful! I love pink blushers so this looks perfect for me :) x


  4. Makeup Revolution makes the best palettes on budget! I have the Golden Sugar which is beautiful and after seeing the swatches I definitely want this one as well :) x
    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  5. Ohh these look so pretty! Definitely got to get my hands on this after seeing the swatches :)

    little miss fii | Fii x

  6. I love this palette - I was so worried the colours would be far too bright but once they are blended in they are really wearable - love it!:D

  7. I need to get my hands on this! The most beautiful pink blushes I have seen!

  8. oooh what a lovely selection of pinks. I've got the golden sugar palette, wich is more of a highlighter and bronzer palette, I love it. I'm curious to try their other palettes but being quite pale I'm also a Little scared of overdoint it. I've tried my friends palette in hot spice and it was a Little too much for me.

    I would love it if you would take a look at my blog.

    Hugs from your new subscriber.


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