Non Beauty Favourites | March

Hey girlie's!!!

You may remember back at the end of January I added a new little monthly addition to my blog in the shape of non beauty favourites, I thought as it was a new year and all the jazz I'd add something new to my blog, I'm really enjoying the new little feature and I also think it's a great way for me to look back and see what I was loving non beauty wise throughout the year.
 Anyway lets get down to business ha ha.....
Firstly, this month I've been loving the first signs of spring. We've been getting some brighter, slightly warmer days in the UK recently and I love it. I'm always out walking my pooch Alfie so to see some of the tree's blossoming and the daffodils coming out in bloom is so pretty, it's also great not having to feel freezing cold all the time too.

I've always been a massive Hollyoaks fan and I watch it everyday without fail, but how amazing has it been this year.... The story lines have been incredible, so many twists and turns and the Spring 2014 trailer that got released 2 weeks ago looked amazing!!! If you haven't seen it already then you can watch it HERE. Who else is wanting Finn to finally get his comeuppance, and whats going to happen when Joe Rosco wakes up? Will Maxine finally be able to escape from horrible Patrick? Arhhh I cant cope ha ha!  

Bastille Bad Blood Album
I love the Bastille album, it's one of those albums that's so easy to listen to no matter where you are or what your doing, my favourite songs are Flaws, What Would You Do, Things We Lost In The Fire and Oblivion.

Frozen Soundtrack 
It's no secret I love abit of Disney, I mean who doesn't? This month I've been loving Frozen and the Frozen Soundtrack, it's just so catchy and super cute. Me and the girls at work have even been playing the soundtrack there ha ha, I love Let It Go and Do You Want To Build A Snowman he he, I seem to be singing it all the time, I even wake up with the songs stuck in my head. 

Cadburys Mini Eggs
Every Easter I'm the same, I get addicted to Creme Eggs first which was last month and then I move on to Mini Eggs and this month I've been going mini egg mad, it doesn't help that I practically work next to a Poundland store that sells the big bags for £1.00 and you cant just eat 1 or 2 oh no no no, you have to eat the whole bag! Ooopsie!! 

My Little Pony PJ's
If you read my recent Primark Haul you would have noticed I picked up these cute PJ's, I absolutely love them and find myself washing them constantly so I can just keep wearing them everyday ha ha, they are so soft and comfortable, and great to lounge around in too. They definitely have to be my favourite Primark purchase so far!

What have you been loving non beauty wise throughout March??? I'd love to know!!!



  1. Aww Hollyoaks I'm such a saddo I literally watched that spring trailor twice! I can't believe the storylines this year it's so good! Really want Finn to be found out, and Patrick it's gone on for far too long now! :) x

    1. Haha oh me two, we can be saddo's together haha!! It's so good this year isnt it! Defo agree with your there, Patrick and Finn are horrible, hope they both get caught out soon xoxo

  2. Hollyoaks and Bastille. AMAZING! :)
    Cint @ Makeup and Messes xx


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