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As you may or may not know I suffer from very sensitive/dry skin that at times can get quite sore, which will result in some redness and patchiness on my skin, so recently I've been road testing the Monu Soothing Touch Recovery Balm* and I have to admit, it really is lovely.

The Recovery Balms aim is to provide immediate relief for all skin types, especially those of which are sensitive or stressed and to generally give our skin a little boost, sounds pretty good to me! 

The balm contains fatty acids and oils such as...
Soft rose and bergamot essential oils.
Shea butter and sodium hyaluronate which improve the skins barrier function.
Evening Primrose and blackcurrant seed oils with essential fatty acids which help repair the skins lipids.
Comforting peptides to help relieve irritation and reduce inflammation.
Natural betaines to stimulate the skins hydration process.
Plant flavonoids with an antioxidant action to help prevent pre-mature ageing.
The balm also has a Paraben Free formula.

With all of those ingredients combined it makes an extremely moisturising, healing balm that gets to work quickly. The balm itself is quite thick and luxuriously creamy, it feels so nice to rub into your skin and is leaves a very smooth, lightweight feeling too. The balm does have quite a strong yet lovely scent to it, I was slightly wary of this at first, usually strong perfumed products send my skin into a panic but surprisingly it was absolutely fine and didn't bother my skin at all. The way I've been using the balm is by working a small amount (a little goes a long way with this balm) on to cleansed skin every morning, before I apply my foundation, it really preps my skin for the day ahead by soothing, smoothing and moisturising. It wears nicely and doesn't move my foundation or base makeup either which is a major plus, but then that might be down to the fact my skins quite dry.
Ive been using the Recovery Balm for a while now and I've definitely noticed a difference and an improvement in my skins appearance, its definitely helped with the redness I get, its also lovely to use after you've plucked your eye brows as its calms the redness and soothes the eye brow area immediately. Another thing I've noticed is just how soft my skin has become, seriously its like 'baby's bum' soft ha ha. Overall I'm super impressed with Monu's Recovery Balm and would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially if you suffer with dryness and redness.

You can get your very own Monu Soothing Touch Recovery Balm for £19.95 for a 50ml tube from the Monu website  along with lots of other professional skincare lines Monu have to offer too.

Have you tried anything from Monu before?? What did you think?? I'd love to know.


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