Pistachio Sundae Time ♥

In April a little 50ml pot of Nip+Fab Pistachio Sundae goodness got dropped onto my doorstep within my Glossy box. When i first saw this in my box i wasn't overly excited, i just thought it would be another standard body butter that wouldn't really impress but would be there if id ran out of my normal body butter's that i use. I have to say i am now totally in love with it and my first thoughts about this little beauty couldn't be more wrong.

Nip+Fab's Pistachio Sundae is a smooth ultra nourishing body butter that smells amazing. The rich creaminess of the body butter helps repair dry dehydrated skin and has a 24 hour moisture boosting additive to keep you feeling pampered and moisturised all day long. The smell of this is also to die for, it has a deep nutty pistachio scent which honestly smells so good you could eat it. 

I love the fact that this body butter just melts straight into your skin, there's no sitting around feeling all sticky or feeling like you cant get dressed as your clothes are going to stick to you, that is one of my pet hates with alot of body moisturisers. This has also been great on my sensitive skin, I've had no problems what so ever.

All in all i love this product and would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone.

You can pick up the 200ml tub for £8.49, there are also some other gorgeous scents to choose from which I'm definitely going to be purchasing very soon.

Have your tried this??? What did you think???

Love Hayley xXxXx 


  1. Your blog is amazing!, I followed so I can keep up with your 30 day snap challenge as wellas everything else!
    Caitlin x


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