30 Day Snap #7 | All Work And No Play

Hey girlie's!!!

So its day 7 of the 30 Day Snap today. If your a little confused as to what the 30 Day Snap is you can find all the information in full here.

Today i felt really fed up, i really wanted to enjoy what was the hottest day of the year so far  'i think' but the joys of going to work for 9 hours made that impossible which sucked. I really  hope that the sun sticks around as I'm not off work until Sunday so fingers crossed.

Please leave your links below if you are also taking part in the 30 Day Snap, id love to read your post's too.

Love Hayley xXxXx


  1. Cool post I just read about this snap chat post I would like to do it but I'm worried I'm too late xx

    1. You should join in hun, just start from now it doesnt matter, better late than never haha xxxx

    2. Ok thanks great I will true xxxx

  2. Being stuck in work is so sad when the weather is lovely. I went through a phase where all my work days were sunny and my days off would rain. It made me laugh though.
    I hope your day off is sunny.

    Misfit Toy


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