A Picture Tells A Thousand Storie's #17 (Sunday Summary)

Hey girlie's!!! I hope you've all had a brilliant week! This week has been an amazing but busy week for me. On Sunday me and Michael decided to go into Norwich, we went to see Fast and Furious 6 'which is amazing by the way and my obsession with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel has grown even more haha', we also went to Frankie and Benny's for a nice 3 course meal and then sat by the river for a while and just chatted and chilled in the sun. Another reason why my weeks been so good is the weather!!! Its been gorgeous all week. Blue skies and warm sunshine makes me seriously happy and instantly puts me in a good mood. I'm also taking part in sprinkleofglitter's 30 Day Snap, the concept is to put a picture blog post up everyday in June, it doesn't have to be a full blown blog post, just a picture of something that revolved about what happened during your day, that's why you may have noticed I've been slightly on the quieter side on Instagram this week as i didn't want to keep posting the same pictures on there as I'm posting on my 30 day snap. And lastly I've been working more than usual this week due to my manager being on holiday 'think about the ££££ Hayley haha' that's whats been getting me through the days. Anywhoo here's my week in pictures  ♥

Pouting in my RayBan's as you do ♥ Eeekkk Fast and Furious 6 time ♥ My yummy dessert in Frankie and Benny's ♥ Me being a poser ♥ Alfie making the most of the sun ♥ A plane growing through the bright blue sky ♥ Me sunbathing on my lunch break, it had to be done ♥ My June Glossy Box arrived, blog post on that coming soon  ♥ I tried the new slightly odd chocolate bars that Cadburys Dairy Milk have created ♥

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Love Hayley xXxXx

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