A Wax Melt Advent Calendar?? Whiffy Wax 12 Days Of Christmas

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Advent calendars are huge now, gone are the days when we'd count down to Christmas with a teeny tiny chocolate that disappears in a single bite. Now more or less every beauty brand has a calender out, theres alcoholic calenders, stationary calenders and my favourite...the candle/wax melt calendar!
Now as you all know I'm a crazy candle ladie and I love my wax melts,  my house just has to be filled with festive scents at this time of the year so the Whiffy Wax 12 Days Of Christmas Advent Calendar is just a match made in heaven with me! Within the calendar you receive 12 1oz mystery scented wax melts - they are numbered 1-12 so you can have a quick search within your calender each day to find the corresponding wax melt for that day! As this is a 12 day calendar you have a couple of options on when you can open it, you could open it every other day from the 1st of December, that would then take up to Christmas Eve! You could wait until your 12 days away from the big day and then start it or you could be like me and just start opening it from the 1st of December until the 12th - I'm just too excited and impatient he he!
You do receive a scent list within your calendar that reveals each days fragrance if your struggling to guess and spoiler alert....I've listed all the scents below so if your going to buy this calender for yourself you might want to skip down he he.
The scents within the calendar are..
Mulled Wine & Berries.
Christmas Cake.
Vanilla Creme Brulee.
Berry Christmas Cake.
Blissful Spirit.
Salted Caramel & Pistachio.
Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon.
Welcome Home.
Toasted Almond & Plum Crumble.
Raspberry Sloe Gin.
Vanilla Spice.
Chocolate Orange.
I have to say all of the wax melts really do smell divine and fill your home with a nostalgic Christmas fragrance. The quality of the Whiffy Wax melts is amazing, you literally need a small chunk of the wax to pop into your burner and that's enough to provide a big ole scent throw, I wouldn't say their overpowering but they do certainly pack a punch. The wax also melts pretty much instantly so your not waiting around for the scent to start working it's way around the house, I find that really handy when you've got someone popping over at short notice and you want your house smelling lush quickly! What I also love about Whiffy Wax is that all of their products are made entirely by hand using only handpicked quality ingredients, no machinery is used during the manufacturing process and the products use recyclable eco-friendly materials and soy wax.

The Whiffy Wax '12 Days Of Christmas' Advent Calendar is £15.00 and can be found HERE, you could also use my code HAYLEY20 to grab yourself 20% off all products, that would make the calender just £12.00, what a bargain!


*This post contains gifted items, all opinions are my own.

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  1. These look really good with lots of different festive scents :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes


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