Cosy Autumn Date Idea's That Don't Cost A Penny!*

Hey beaut's!

With - dare I say it - Christmas creeping ever closer the autumn months seem to be the perfect time to reign it in a bit and start saving those pennies for crimbo shopping however, we still want to enjoy autumn with our loved ones and of course indulge in some dates don't we! So I've put together a few date idea's - some of which are indoors -  that are sure to save you some money and of course have you feeling all cosy and loved!  

But firstly, finding time to find someone to go on these fun dates with can be a struggle, right? Well fear not because their are so many free dating sites out there to suit everyone such as over 50's dates, gay dates, casual dating and dating sites in south africa just to name a few! Once you've nabbed your amazing self a date why not give one my ideas a whirl!

An Autumn Walk - Theres nothing better than wrapping yourselves up and going for a lovely autumn walk, I absolutely love it when all the leaves are falling from trees and their all crunchy and crisp underfoot. It's also the perfect scene for a little autumnal photo shoot, which you can then pop in a memory book or on the gram of course! 

Get Crafty - Whilst on your autumn walk collect some fallen leaves, pine cones and conkers and make an autumn garland/wreath together. Knowing me I'd make this a little competition between the two of us to see who can make the best one!

Movie Night - One of my favourites, a night in front of the TV either catching up on your favourite TV shows or watching a few movies together! I love getting all the blankets out, whacking the fairy lights on and lighting some candles to give it a real cosy feel, theres honestly nothing better! Some essential autumn movie picks for me are...Hocus Pocus, You've Got Mail, any Harry Potter movie, Sleepless In Seattle, When Harry Met Sally and Moulin Rouge! 

Bake/Cook Together - Why not raid the cupboards and bake/cook something together, it's so much fun seeing what you can come up with and best of all you get to scoff yourselves silly afterwards! 

Visit A Pumpkin Patch - The whole vibe of going to the pumpkin patch makes me feel so much more autumnal (if that was even possible) and really gets me excited for Halloween and pumpkin carving! Theres also the opportunity of doing some pumpkin carving together whilst your there or of course you can get pumpkin carving at home together if your bring some home!

Smores In front Of The Fire - If you have an open fire this is such a lovely thing to do together, get your marshmallows at the ready, not forgetting your digestives and chocolate of course and get toasting! It's a such a cute, cosy idea!

Watch An Autumn Sunset - Grab your blankets and hot chocolate and snuggle up together and watch an autumn sunset, I always find autumn sunsets look pretty epic! 

Theres soooo many fun things you can do during the Autumn months, it's one of the many reasons why I love Autumn so much. What are your favourite things to do in Autumn beaut's? I'd love to know!


* This is a collaborative post. All writing and opioions are my own!


  1. Some cute ideas, I love getting outdoors in the autumn xx

  2. I just love baking, it's so much fun

    Candice ||

  3. So many great ideas! I love cooking/ baking and I tend to always do it with my boyfriend, as it's such a great skill to learn together xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. Love your ideas! Autumn can be so perfect for walks and taking photos with leaves and just having fun.

    Janja |


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