Get Your Feet Spring/Summer Ready With Footner!

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We are in the final month of Spring which hopefully means warm and sunny days are on the way, well I'm keeping my fingers and toes firmly crossed anyway as it's currently raining cats and dogs out there as I type this, anyway moving on......It seems the perfect time to get pampering those tootsies and get them looking their best ready for the pretty sandals to come back out, oh how I'm longing for the days I can whack on some flip flips without even thinking and walk out the door, c'mon sun! 
I think the two main things for me when it comes to getting my feet ready for sandals is having pretty painted toe nails and of course getting rid of any dry, hard skin from around my feet! Let face it, that hard, dry skin is gross and my god it's a b***h to properly get rid of so that's why I tried the Footner Exfoliating Socks*. Now theres no denying the whole process of using these exfoliating socks is pretty gross as the main purpose of the socks is to saturate and infuse your feet in the exfoliating formula which contains AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which then kick starts the peeling process....yes I did say peeling process...and removes the dead skin off your feet revealing baby soft skin! 

All you have to do to use the exfoliating socks is pop them on your clean, freshly washed feet and secure with the adhesive strap to close the top of the socks and sit back and relax with them on for an hour, I suggest whacking on a Netflix episode as it makes the time go quick! Whilst the socks are on they do have a slight cooling/tingling sensation which is completely normal and it doesn't hurt at all! The results when you remove the socks aren't instant so don't be alarmed if nothing has happened, it will take a week or so before the dead skin is peeling away, in fact on some people it can up to 14 days for the whole process to be complete! As tempting as it is DO NOT try and peel off any of the dead skin that might be loose on your feet during the peeling time, you risk peeling deeper layers of skin off resulting in sore patches which you definitely don't want to do! Although to try and help the peeling process a good foot rub after a warm shower really does help!
The results really are fantastic, after the peeling is over your feet really are silky smooth and sooo soft, the whole process for me was actually quite mind blowing as I've never used anything like it in my life and although it was a grim process and my feet looked pretty awful for a few days the results are so worth it! Afterwards I finished off the whole process with a quick coat of the Nailner Breathable Nail Polish in the shade Rosy Red* (£9.99) which looks gorgeous on the toes, it's a proper post box red shade and is great on damaged, discoloured nails in particular because it covers and lasts really well!

You can find the Footner Exfoliating Socks for £19.99 at Superdrug and the Nailner Breathable Nail Polish for £9.99 in Boots!


*This post contain gifted items and affiliate links, all opinions are from my own experience!

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