Spectrum Mean Girls Makeup Brushes Reviewed

Hey beaut's!

When I heard Spectrum Brushes where launching a range of Mean Girls inspired makeup brushes I got stupidly excited and they went straight onto my wishlist, not only am I a huge fan of Spectrum's brushes in general but Mean Girls is one of my all time favourite movies so I knew I would have to have these brushes, lucky for me my boyfriend kindly bought them for me for Christmas. Sorry Regina, it looks like Fetch is happening because these brushes really are 'So Fetch'!
I have the 10 Piece Fetch Set which contains every brush you'd need to create a full face of makeup including your base, eyes, lips and brows. Each brush is so pretty and aesthetically pleasing to look at, not only are they the most gorgeous shade of ombre pink to purple but each brush has an iconic Mean Girls quote engraved onto it's side such as 'On Wednesdays We Wear Pink', 'You Go Glen CoCo' and 'You Can Walk Home Bitches' which are just a couple of my favourites!
Aside from looking good and the sheer fact that these are Mean Girls Brushes I did wonder if they would perform well quality wise, and after giving these a good whirl I can confirm the quality is amazing. All of the brushes are made from the highest quality synthetic hair and their also cruelty free and vegan too which means they can all be used with cream, powder and liquid makeup. The handles are really sturdy and robust and the bristles....well the bristles are sooooo soft and fluffy and easy to work with and they blend like a dream.

The brush set includes... 
A01 - You Can Walk Home Bitches - Domed Powder Brush
 A05 - You're Like Really Pretty - Precision Blush Brush
 A07 - That's So Fetch - Stubby Eye Shader Brush
 A10 - Grool - Small Fan Brush
 A16 - Boo You Whore - Precision Crease Brush/Lip Brush
 A17 - She's A Life Ruiner - Precision Angled Brow Brush/ Eyeliner Brush
 A21 - You Cant Sit With Us - Luxe Highlight Brush
 B01 - She Doesn't Even Go Here - Flat Top Buffer Brush
 B06 - You Go Glen CoCo - Tall Tapered Blender Brush
 C01 - On Wednesdays We Wear Pink - Large Fan Brush
 The set then comes complete with a hot pink mesh makeup bag which isn't available to purchase separately, and there's even a Burn Book zip which doubles up as a removable keyring which I love and obviously made it's way straight onto my keys.

Overall I'm so impressed with this set, and to be honest I knew I would be. Not only is the theme of the brushes pretty epic but each brush is so versatile and can be used in so many ways, they all work like a dream too and they are easily the softest brushes I own! I think my favourite brushes so far are the Large Fan Brush because I've wanted one for ages and the brand new Luxe Highlighter Brush but I do love them all!

You can find the 10 Piece Fetch Set HERE for £49.99! Spectrum also have lots of Mean Girls accessories like the Burn Book which looks pretty cool I must admit, theres also acrylic brush holders, vanity bags, lashes - the lot! We can all become part of The Plastics now he he. 



  1. These are so cool! And they look like really good brushes too, they seem really soft. I haven't seen these before but now I really want them!xx

  2. I love their brushes and these are so cute x



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