The Ordinary Coverage Foundation Review

Hey beaut's!

I had heard sooooo many good things about The Ordinary Coverage Foundation and when something gets hyped up enough my makeup obsessed self has to see what all the fuss is about, so I went for it and treated myself !

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation comes in an impressive 21 shades that covers all skin tones and undertones, so whether your more pink, neutral, red or yellow toned this foundation has you covered. I actually used the temptalia foundation matrix to colour match myself and ended up needing the shade 1.1P Fair for Pink Undertones which is a MAC NW15 for anyone wondering, and I have to say my colour match was absolutely spot on so I was very impressed already!
The foundation itself claims to have a lightweight, non oily texture with high pigment content and a semi- matte finish with no risk of the colour settling in creases or appearing ‘cakey’ as the day wears on, sounds right up my street. Upon application I noticed you have to give the bottle a good shake first so I went ahead and did that and then splodged dots of the foundation all over my face ready to blend in like I normally do with any foundation - big mistake.... this foundation is highly spreadable so a little goes a very long way and what would normally be fine for me with my other foundations was far too much in this case, so straight away I knew I would get plenty of applications out of this bad boy! I've used both a beauty blender and a buffing brush to blend this foundation in and with both it blends into my skin like a dream and covers well, I would say a brush gives a fuller coverage and the beauty blender more medium to buildable-full. 
My skins been pretty much combination over the last few months, I'm slightly oily on my t-zone and dryer everywhere else and this foundation sits beautifully on all areas of my skin, it doesn't make me dryer or more oily and it does indeed feel super lightweight on my skin which I love, I barely feel like I'm wearing anything to be honest! I've not experienced any caking or separating either and it lasts a good 8 hours or so on me before I could use a little refresh, that's without a primer because I barley bother with primer and a light dusting of setting powder.

Overall I really like this foundation and will definitely repurchase it again when it runs out, I find it the perfect everyday foundation because it's so lightweight, smooth and creates such a lovely even base for me. It's so affordable too at just £6.00 a bottle on most sites, the shade range is immense, it's also cruelty-free, soy-free, vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, alcohol-free, nut-free and it also contains SPF 15, it's definitely worth a try thats for sure!

You can find The Ordinary Coverage Foundation HERE for £6.00 although I know Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty are selling it for around £5.90.



  1. I've been thinking about getting a bottle of this for ages and I found this really helpful as my skin is dry with an oily t-zone as well.
    Danni X

  2. Sounds really good deco sounds up my street xxx

  3. I think next time I’m in House of Fraser I’m gonna see what my shade would be from their wee stand - keep hearing so many amazing things about this brand



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