Lush Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb Review

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It's that time of the year again where I ditch the quick showers and start enjoying long, hot relaxing baths so of course that meant that I needed to take a trip to Lush and treat myself to a couple of bath bombs. I didn't go mad this year, I just picked up four goodies to try (does anybody else think Lush has got quite pricey?), three of which where from their Christmas range and one from their Halloween range. One bath bomb I knew I wanted to try this year was the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, firstly because I've never tried a jelly bomb but secondly because I'm a Snow Fairy addict!
The Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb  is a pink and white ballistic which has that gorgeous bubblegum, candy floss, sweet shop fragrance that all of us Snow Fairy addicts love, it definitely smelt exactly how I thought it would, just like the Snow Fairy shower gel. When I popped the jelly bomb in the bath I had no idea what to expect, was my bath water going to turn gloopy like jelly? Ha ha the answer is no (thank goodness), it fizzes away just like a normal bath bomb with streams of white and very delicate pink coming out of it to reveal a large hot pink lump of 'jelly' that floats on top of the water, this then breaks off into smaller pink pieces as you relax in the bath. Originally my bath water was quite white with not much colour at all, but the longer I was in the bath the more the water turned baby pink as the jelly was melting and it looked really pretty in the end!
The pink jelly pieces did get a little annoying in the end as they don't really dissolve but they where really moisturising, I actually grabbed some of the lumps and massaged them into my body all over to dissolve some and my skin felt incredible afterwards so I would recommend doing that! If you wash your hair in the bath water I would recommend a rinse with clear water afterwards, I had to get my boyfriend to rinse mine with the shower head to remove the pink bits from my hair, this might be annoying for some but I actually enjoyed having my hair rinsed off he he.
After getting out the bath my skin certainly felt pampered and nourished and it smelt so nice, to be honest the entire upstairs of my house smelt of Snow Fairy for ages, I was still smelling it the next day too which was nice! If your a Snow Fairy lover then you do really need to give this bath bomb a whirl, annoying as they jelly chunks can be it's still a gorgeous smelling ballistic with great skin benefits!

You can find the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb for £4.95 HERE!


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