Pamper in the Shower with the Orb Spa Shower Head!

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Seeing as I spend at least 10 minutes of every single day in the shower it would be nice to think 'arhhh lets hop in the shower and feel slightly pampered' instead of lets hop in the shower and have a quick scrub, shave my legs and then get out again feeling exactly the same as when I went in, well less hairy of course ha ha. Well now I think I've come across something that makes my shower experience feel slightly more like and pampering beauty routine, with the Orb Spa Shower Head!
The Orb Spa* is the worlds first battery operated vibrating, massaging, exfoliating, water-saving, soft water shower head, it's literally a beauty routine in a shower head and I love it! The centre of the shower head called the Vibra (turquoise part) is actually detachable and can be hand held, this has three operating modes which go from light to more intense, you simply have to press the power button at the back of the shower head once for cleansing, twice for exfoliating and three times for massaging. Using the Vibra for facial cleansing is lovely, I simply hold the Vibra in my hand and massage it around my face on mode one, over time this has really made a difference in my skins appearance, it's helped remove dead skin, unclog pores whilst also removing makeup and excess dirt and oil, it's the deepest cleanse my skins ever had I think! To exfoliate and massage the skin with the Vibra you can either use it hand held or it can be popped back into the centre of the shower head with the water running. The exfoliating mode is great for fake tan lovers because it's going to deeply exfoliate the skin and help remove old tan or prep for new tan, it's also great for dryer skin gals like myself who really like to polish off those dead skin cells. The massaging mode is amazing, it just feels so nice and relaxing, exactly what you want after a long day at work that's for sure. This mode is also fab for cellulite treatment if you massage the Vibra in circular motions around your thighs and bum.
 What makes this shower even better than it is already is that it's a soft water shower head, shockingly hard water is supplied to over 60% of homes in the UK, and is known to prematurely age skin, dehydrate hair, and aggravate skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, meaning your shower could be doing more harm than good. But because the Orb Spa is a soft water shower head it features a unique combination of metals which are concealed within the handle, these metals remove the hard minerals within the water turning it into softer, more soluble water that gives you healthier skin and glossier hair.

If you like to feel really pampered whilst in the shower then this shower head will make all the difference, I think my favourites settings are the massage setting and the cleansing setting. The cleansing setting just makes my skin feel incredible afterwards and has helped in the long run and the massaging setting is...well its lovely, you could even use dry for massaging and help friends and family that are in need of a stress buster, it's great!

You can find that Orb Spa Shower Head FOR £128.00  HERE


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