Leighton Denny Nail Care and Polish Reviewed!

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Naturally I have super short squared off nails that are quite brittle, I'm quite heavy handed at home and at work and my nails really suffer with breakages and little nicks here and there so these Leighton Denny polishes couldn't have arrived at a better time, especially their strengthening treatment.
Leighton Denny's Rock Solid* (£12.00) is a one coat strengthening treatment for all nail types but especially for fragile, soft, sensitive nails that are prone to damage, just like mine. This lovely stuff can be used as a base coat before your normal polish or you can apply it to bare nails to start getting that growth and strength back. I always use Rock Solid as my base coat and it really does work well, it forms a protective coating that instantly bonds to the nail bed, rebuilding with fibres so that my nails look and feel strong and it creates that perfect smooth base for nail polish to sit over. I've been absolutely loving this stuff since I got it, I've noticed a huge difference in my nails since using it, their definitely not brittle or thin like they was and the ends of my nails used to be quite flimsy and bendy but now their super strong and sturdy and don't break like they used to. If your having trouble with nail breakage, weakness and lack of growth I cant recommend Rock Solid enough!
The Leighton Denny nail polish in Jail Bird* (£12.00) was totally out of my comfort zone, it's a gorgeous dark turquoise shade that has a metallic sheen finish but I never ever wear this sort of colour on my nails usually, and as much as I loved the actual shade on my nails the formula let this one down for me a little, it was so tricky to get it streak free! Don't get me wrong it was opaque after just one coat and never bubbled at all but trying to get it even without streaks got annoying after a while, but once I worked at it - it looked gorgeous and lasted well.

Overall I cant recommend the Rock Solid nail strengthening base coat enough if your've got troublesome nails that need a little TLC, but just remember if you fancy trying the shade Jail Bird it can be a streaky little bugger!

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