Yankee Candle 'Holiday Magic' Votive Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

The other week I bought three more of the Simply Home Yankee Candles from Asda, I'm still not really sure what the difference is between the original Yankee Candles and the Simply Home range is to be honest, they seem to be a bit cheaper in price which is always good and have a different range of gorgeous scent's to choose from and they seem to burn just as well so the mind boggles he he. Anyway since the festive season is now well and truly upon us I thought it would be the perfect time to review the  favourite scent out of the three I picked up named 'Holday Magic'.

Holiday Magic (£1.00) is described as 'a wonderful mix of bayberry, clove, cinnamon and balsam fir, you'll be lighting it up on those winter nights for a scent of  Christmas magic' and that is pretty much on point to be honest. Holiday Magic really is every christmasy scent rolled into one candle, it's mildly spicy, a touch sweet and fruity and theres also a Christmas tree scent to it to which comes from the balsam fir notes, it certainly is a Christmas scent mash up but oddly as it burns the scents don't mix together, at some points you get the warm spiciness then the freshness of the Christmas tree come through, its divine. The scent throw is medium, it's definitely not overpowering but fills the house with it's gorgeous festive scent very quickly and really lingers when blown out. I think this is the perfect candle to burn on Christmas Day because its just so festive and smells of a traditional Christmas if that makes sense.

All the Yankee Candle votive/samplers claim to provide up to 15 hours of fragrance and Holiday Magic certainly lasts really well, I think because the scent really lingers and fills the entire house you don't have to keep it alight for so long so you can certainly get a good few uses out of it that's for sure.

What is your favourite Festive Candle beaut's? I'd love to know!



  1. I wasn't a massive fan of this one to be honest! I much prefer Christmas Treats and the foodie scents!

    Hannah Heartss x

    1. Arhhh really I loved it, it's so festive! I do love the sweet foodie scents though, they are always my favourite hehe xx

  2. I've never seen this one in shops before!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  3. I prefer sweet scents like candy cane lane or christmas cookie :D
    This one does sound pretty good though !
    Alex ox

  4. I think the Yankee Candle votives are such a good idea! I'm currently burning Cosy by the Fire and it's literally Christmas in a candle! I've not tried Holiday Magic but it sounds lovely!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  5. I haven't tried this one but love the sound of it! I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for the wax melt in this scent next time I'm shopping :) x


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