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Hey beaut's!

To celebrate the arrival of Summer in the UK the lovely Emma from the blog Peace.Love.Vintage created a Summer Tag, Emma very kindly tagged me in the post to get involved in the summer time fun so today I thought I'd share my answers...

1. What's your favourite thing about summer?
For me it has be the atmosphere and just how much happier everyone seems to be including myself. I love nothing more than waking up to a bright blue sky, warm sunshine, birds tweeting away and seeing so much colour and everything in bloom, it just sets me up for a good day and I absolutely love it.

2. Do you have a favourite summer drink?
Pink Lemonade with a tonne of ice for me, it's the only drink that I specifically buy just in the summer months and I find it so refreshing on a really hot day.

3. Is there a special place you like to visit each summer?
Not particularlly, I do always like paying one of the local beaches a visit when the weathers scorching hot, we don't get many opportunities for beach days in the UK so I only get the chance to do that around once a year.

4. Whats your favourite make up look for summer?
It's all about the glowing look for me, I've been obsessed with using the Garnier Moisture Illuminating Match Cream as my base before I apply any makeup, it just adds an subtle illuminating glow to the skin as well as containing SPF 20 which is a must, then I always reach for the Bourjois CC Cream because it's so lightweight but add's more coverage than you would think which is a bonus. As for the eyes... I always stick to something warm yet neutral and for the lips it the same all year round because I basically just wear whatever shade I fancy that day he he.

5. Dresses or skirts?
Dresses all the way for me, they just suit my body shape so much better than skirts and are so easy to just throw on with a pair of sandals or flip flops.

6. Festivals or Vacations?
It would have to be vacations for me, I'd absolutely love to go away on holiday some where and going to festivals really does'nt excite me at all, I'd much rather watch it on TV if I'm honest he he.

7. Whats your signature summer hairstyle?
Beachy waves with my side fringe pinned back away from my face, I've been wearing my hair like that a lot lately and really like it. 

8.  What's your signature summer scent?
Ohhhh I have a couple that I'm loving for Summer at the moment, Cheryl's Storm flower and Vera Wang's Hippie Princess are both very fruity and exotic scents and go down extremely well with the heat and Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is another I'm obsessing over at the moment.

9. Favourite music for summer?
For me music never changes with the seasons, I like all sorts of tunes all year round but I think in Summer I much prefer to listen so something more uplifting and happier than some sort of ballad but again it just depends on my mood.

10. Pool or Beach?
Beach all the way for me, you can get involved in all sorts of fun including water sports,  pedalos and I find my inner child comes out and I go sand castle crazy ha ha, plus you can  sunbath and I love the feel of sand in between my toes, so yeah beach all day long for me.

11. BBQ or Seafood?
Definitely a BBQ, me and Michael actually bought out very first BBQ at the weekend and it was amazing so I can imagine we will be BBQing all summer long he he.

I tag glitterinfatuation , hannahheartss and charlottesamantha to complete the summer tag and nominate their favourite bloggers to take part too Hebe.

What's your favourite thing about Summer beaut's?? I'd love to know. 

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  1. I love this tag! I might have to pick up that Garnier cream. I currently only have an SPF 10 moisturizer and I do worry i isn't enough!

    Rachael at

  2. I love this tag <3 Defo going to do it! x

    Jane | PoptartsBeauty | Youtube

  3. I love the lighter evenings in the summer. It's so nice to drive home from work in the daylight and be able to go out before it gets dark. Plus it makes blog photography a lot easier haha! xx


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