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I think it fair to say Youtubers are taking the book world by storm at the moment, it seems like every other week there's another Youtubers released/announced a book, and even though I love and watch so many Youtubers that are releasing these books I personally think they seem abit young for me and are aimed more towards the younger generation, however... When I heard Tanya Burr was releasing a book covering lifestyle, beauty and baking I knew it would be right up my street and that I would have to buy a copy, I mean beauty and baking all in one book... I'm sold! 
Tanya's book 'Love, Tanya' features 12 chapters in total that range from Tanya growing up, to skincare & makeup essentials, love, life, baking and recipes, fashion, confidence and happiness and of course YouTube. Each chapter includes some beautiful photos of Tanya, and I heard that Tanya actually done all the photography on her baking a recipes chapter herself which I think is pretty cool. There's also alot of lists/notes pages where you can get involved in different chapters of the book if you wish, personally this isn't something I'm interested in doing but I can definitely see how those pages could be helpful and fun for the younger audience. 
One of the main things I love about Tanya's book is that its slightly autobiographical, I've loved reading about Tanya's life from her growing up to Tanya and Jim's relationship, it's so nice to find out more things about her that we would never probably ever find out without reading it all in the book, plus I do love a good autobiography so that would always go down well with me. Another section I was pleased to see in the book was on Anxiety & Stress, suffering from Anxiety myself I found this helpful as she wrote about some good tips that I hadn't actually heard about before and will definitely be giving them a go. 

Overall I do think this is a lovely book and whether you know of Tanya or not I can see this being a great read for any beauty lover that's interested in makeup, skincare, haircare etc... My favourite chapters of the book would have to be the more autobiographical chapters, the baking chapter and where Tanya covers anxiety. Without a doubt Tanya's personality that we see in her video's shines through in this book too, which I think is such a nice quality. Also how stunning does she look in all the photo's, my goodness she's a beauty!

I got my Love,Tanya Book here on Amazon for £6.49 which I think is an absolute bargain for a large, hardback book.

Have you read Tanya's Love, Tanya Book?? What did you think beaut's?? I'd love to know. 



  1. Youtubers are taking over the book world at the moment! I've read Zoella's book and this one is next on the list! I love the cover and photos.

    Serena /

  2. I can't say I'll be buying any of the Youtubers book, but this one does look tempting. Especially with those yummy recipes!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. I haven't bought any of the Youtubers books yet but I'm tempted to buy one for my holidays xx
    Glossy Boutique

  4. I was really tempted by this or Fleur's book, but I just cant bring myself to do it. Some of them have gotten to the point that they would do anything for some cash. Just upsetting :( I would love if LilyPebbles did one.. I would 100% be buying that! lol


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