Autumnal Nail Polish Picks from Fragrance Direct!

Hi beaut's!

Here in the UK we have just started to see the first signs of Autumn creeping in and the weather is certainly getting that little bit cooler and personally I love Autumn/Winter, it's my favourite time of the year. I just love everything about it but most importantly I love switching up my nail polish and makeup shades, it's time to say goodbye to the bright neon's and the pastel shades and hello to the darker, warmer, earthy tones! so today I thought it would be the perfect time to share my Autumn nail polish picks from my favourite discounted cosmetics website Fragrance Direct

Essie Power Clutch* £2.25 | RRP £7.99
You really cant beat Essie polishes can you, they go on streak free and completely opaque after just 2 coats and overall the quality is just great! I was drawn towards the shade 'Power Clutch' because it really reminds me of Parka coats which I love and always wrap up warm in during the Autumn-Winter months he he.

Essie Mind Your Mittens* £2.25 | RRP £7.99
 Essie's 'Mind Your Mittens' is essentially a creamy, dark Blue shade but in some lights it can look somewhat like dark Grey shade, just like Power Clutch above the quality is really lovely and lasts so well on my nails. I think paired with a nice glittery top coat this shade could look stunning for Autumnal nights out!  

OPI William Tell Me About* £3.99 | RRP £13.95
It's pretty amazing that Fragrance Direct sell OPI nail polishes at such a discounted price isn't it? OPI's 'William Tell Me About' is like one of those essential Autumnal shades, its such a pretty, rich burgundy-plum shade that looks amazing on the nails, and if your anything like me and like a little bit of sparkle then adding a glittery top coat over your accent nail with this shade will look stunning!

OPI You Don't Know Jacques!* £3.99 | RRP £13.95
Everyone needs a classic neutral nail polish for the colder months don't they, and OPI's 'You Don't Know Jacques!' is a creamy, mushroom-brown shade, it actually looks somewhat lighter on the nails than it does in the bottle but to me that's a good thing, so if your after a nice neutral for the winter Fragrance Direct have you covered he he.

OPI Pulled Out A Plum* £3.99 | RRP £13.95
OPI's 'Pulled A Plum' is more suited for Autumn/Winter evenings out, its a dark fuchsia-purple colour that contains minute shimmers that run all the way through the polish, because this shade isn't very creamy you do need 3 coats for it to be completely opaque but just like all OPI nail polishes the quality is lasting power is brilliant! 

Rimmel Salon PRO Red Award* £1.25 | RRP £4.49

This Rimmel Salon Pro shade 'Red Award' is very eye catching on the nails and seems popular to anyone who see's it, it's that's dark berry shade that's everywhere throughout the Autumn/Winter and is amazing for day to night wear! I also found the quality of the Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish was actually very good and feels alot more expensive than it actually is which is always nice.

And there you have it beaut's, a few of my Autumnal nail polish picks. I'd highly recommend taking a peek at the Fragrance Direct website for when the seasons change and you want to switch things up shade wise because its always nice to save some pennies and you can find such amazing bargains on there he he, I love a beauty bargain!

Whats your favourite nail polish shade from this Autumnal post beaut's?? I'd love to know! 



  1. Pulled Out A Plum looks like a stunning shade! Raspberrykiss xo

  2. I love the Essie "Mind Your Mittens"! x


  3. Those Essie polishes are gorgeous! That Rimmel Red Award is lovely too! So much want!

    Rachael at

  4. Pulled out a plum is really pretty!

  5. Ooh I love the 'Mind Your Mittens'. Such a gorgeous shade! The 'Red Award' is really nice as well. Such a classy colour and a bit different from plain black :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  6. ooh, I love that You Don't KNow Jacque!
    Angie x

  7. Couldn't agree more with your choices -parka coats, yes!


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