First Impressions of some affordable W7 Make-Up!

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Today's post is going to be all about my first impressions of some affordable, pretty makeup by the up and coming cosmetics brand W7, and if your anything like me then I'm pretty sure you all love a good makeup related bargain and that exactly what you will get from W7 he he!

Over the last couple of months I've seen W7 featured quite heavily in the beauty world, they seem to be releasing some great makeup treats for us beauties including a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette, some fantastic looking makeup brushes which I've heard are pretty impressive and they are even branching out into the depths of skincare, wowza! I haven't tried a huge amount of W7 makeup however I do own all of their little boxed blushers and bronzers that are dupes for Benefit's boxed powders and they are firm favourites of mine that I use daily so I was super excited to see what else the brand had to offer!

W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick in Red Light* and Candy Floss*
The formula of these lipsticks is gorgeous, just like the product name 'Butter Kiss' would suggest they are super creamy and feel more like a moisturising balm on the lips than a lipstick. The pigmentation of both shades is good and I have to admit Red Light is by far my favourite out of the two, I'm such a sucker for nice reds he he. These are the sort of lippys I like to throw in my handbag as they are so easy to apply, give you a dose of moister when you need it and then leave you with a non drying stain afterwards. 

W7 Nail Polish in Tinkerbell*
Oh my goodness, look at how pretty this nail polish is, ohhhh I love it soooo much! I've always liked W7's nail polishes, the quality and shade range is very good and I've never had a problem with streaking of bubbling during application either. This shade in particular 'Tinkerbell' is a pinkened clear polish with lots of pink and silver holographic glitter particles running thought it, it works amazingly as a top coat over any pink polish and looks so sparkly, arrhh I'm in love! 

W7 Just Brows Waterproof Brow Pen in Brown*
I love the idea of this brow pen, it has a slanted felt tip style nib that's perfect for either adding individual brow hairs with light brush like strokes or you can use the width of the slanted edge so fill in more sparse areas of you brows. Because of the pens waterproof ability it means your perfect brows will stay prefect all day without them fading or smudging woohoo. 

W7 Souffle Mascara in Blackest Black*

As far as mascara formula's go I do really like this one, it's a nice deep black shade, it's not gloopy, it's not too dry nore to wet but the brush is just too huge to use with ease and comfort for me, those with bigger eyes will probably get on OK with the brush size but those with smaller eyes like myself have no hope unfortunately. I have only used this mascara once and after going through lots on cotton buds to clean up my entire eye area I was left with eyelashes with plenty of length and volume to them which is just what I look for, it's just a shame the brush is too large for me as I could see myself really loving the formula. 

W7 Lashtastic Mascara in Black*

If your looking for a dupe of Max Factor's False Lash Effect Mascara then I think I've just found it because I really cant see much of a difference between the two. The Lashtastic Mascara gives my lashes lots of oomph and makes them super fluttery and long which I love! The only negative I have it that I did get some black transfer smudging on my brow bone through the afternoon, this was because my lashes where so long they could actually reach my brow bone and because I suffer with the pain that is oily eyelids it made it a little smudgy, putting that's aside the mascara is pretty darn good. 

W7 Liquid Eyeliner in Black*
Dippy style eyeliners really aren't my favourite, that being said the longevity and pigment of W7's offering is incredible! Once this liner has set there is literally no budging it and you need a pretty good eye makeup remover to get rid of it in the evening too, so if you have trouble with your liquid liner's fading and smudging then I can 100% recommend W7 in that regard.

W7 Sheer Loose Powder in Biscuit*
Loose setting powders are always my favourite for setting my makeup as they seem to blend out beautifully and keep me shine free all day and W7's Sheer Loose Powder is just as good as any that I've tried before, the only difference is W7's offering does have a shade range that provides some coverage, but that's always great when your having a bad skin day and need something that little bit extra ha ha. 

W7 Wicked Whip Creme Foundation in Natural Beige*
The Wicked Whip Creme Foundation is actually very good! It provides a perfect matte finish but doesn't cling to a single dry patch which really surprised me. The coverage of the Wicked Whip I'd say is full, it really does cover well whilst feeling weightless at the same time and it blends out beautifully. Overall I love this little pot of joy!

W7 Marvellous Mousse Matte Foundation in Honey*
W7's Marvellous Mousse Foundation claims to provide a perfect matte finish coverage, with a weightless feel, to me this feels extremely similar to Maybellines Dream Matte Mousse so if you like that you'll love this! The Marvellous Mousse Foundation does feel quite lightweight on the skin and blends out great, I used my Real Techniques Expert Face brush which made light work of the blending. The coverage this foundation provides is light to medium and does have to ability to be built up, just bare in mind that it is best suited for oily skin types because it does cling to dry patches but then any matte, mousse type foundation will do that. 

 You have probably noticed I haven't included any individual prices for all the products featured in this post, the reason behind that is because W7 are available to purchase on lots of different websites and in lots of different retailers where the prices will vary, retailers include Fragrance Direct, Amazon, Next, Savers, TK Maxx, Xtras, Peacocks, The Factory Shop and that's just to name a few. After looking into the price range in more detail I have found that you can get most of the makeup featured in this post from £2.00-£4.00 which I think is great!

Overall I am really impressed with W7's wide range of makeup, I'd highly recommend the Butter Kiss Lipsticks, Lashtastic Mascara, Brow Pen, all of the W7 Nail Polishes and the Wicked Whip.

Whats your favourite makeup item form W7 beaut's?? I'd love to know.



  1. I love W7 Makeup, the blushes are my favourites!

    Hannah Heartss x

  2. I really like their eyeshadow primer. That brow pen looks really good I may have to give it a go. Cheers for the review :)

    Lauren x

  3. I recently discovered W7 and I'm impressed. Despite being cheap, the quality of their products are really good. I really want to try their Butter Kiss Lipsticks and Nail Polishes now!

    Olivia x Beauty from the Fjord

  4. I adore this make up range!! I love their eye shadow palettes and blushers x

  5. I've never tried W7 products before but I would love to get my hands on it since the prices are very affordable - too bad it''s not available in the United States!

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

  6. I would love these products to be available in the states!

  7. Gotta love W7! I really like their boxed blushes :) Raspberrykiss xo

  8. I adore W7, they are the ultimate dupe brand and I've not tried a item of theirs I don't like!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  9. I have one W7 nail varnish but I have no idea where it came from, it must have been part of a giveaway prize as I had no idea where to buy the brand. It is a great nail varnish though. It's a black shade (with a silver shimmer) but it's completely foolproof to apply, maybe not the longest lasting but no nail varnish lasts very long on me anyway x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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