A Picture Tells A Thousand Storie's #15 (Sunday Summary)

Hey girlie's!!! I hope you've all had an amazing week!!! Ive been a busy bee again this week, works been crazy and its hard to find the time to fit everything in sometimes, that's why i haven't had as many new posts up as id like, but fear not I'm back in full swing now. The weather's been shocking this week, I've actually had my heating on at the end of May as its been that cold here, i just want some warm sunshine please Mr weatherman. I also reached 90 followers on here this week which is amazing, thank you all so much. Anywhooo here's my  pictures I've taken this week ♥

I found the Snoopify app on my IPhone so i pimped Alfie up ha ha ♥ My yummy bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast, so glad Tesco sell them now ♥ My little monster playing with his new toy that i bought for him ♥ I baked some rainbow cookies, blog post coming soon ♥ My favourite go to nail polish right now, Revlon's Tropical Temptation ♥ Moi getting ready for work in the week, i couldn't bring myself to get out of my fluffy dressing gown ♥ I'm addicted  to Galaxy chocolate at the moment ♥ My daddy in law bought me some cake mixes as they where a bargain bless him, he knows i love baking  ♥ This quote is totally me and I'm sure its relevant for alot of girlie's too ' Ive been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear' ♥

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Love Hayley xXxXx


  1. Hey! I just found this page after you linked a post on twitter! Your blog is really cute, and I love that I've found someone else on the internet who hails from Norfolk!x


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