A Picture Tells A Thousand Storie's #12 (Sunday Summry)

Hey girlie's!!!! Hope this week has been a fabulous one for you all!!!! This week has been great for me, me and my boyfriend Michael have both had the week off work together and even though we do live together there's never enough time in the day to just chill and spend quality time together as we both work, so having a week off has just been great. We've got lots of odd decorating jobs done around the house, started my spring time spruce up in the garden and my bathroom's having a revamp too, as well as house bit and bobs we've also been out to Norwich shopping all day, been out for lunch, spent some time with my lovely mum and not forgetting taking my Alfie bear on major long walks. The weather has also been a beauty for most of the week too with blue skies and warm sunshine, so yeah you could say I'm one very happy Hayley at the moment. Anywhooo here's my week in pictures ♥

 I started off the week by spending the day going shopping with my mum ♥ I cant believe how long my hair's getting now eek ♥ Oreo ice cream is the one he he ♥ Me and Michael on the train going to Norwich to SHOP!!! ♥ Uh oh, we had a cheeky Burger King ♥ My good morning face ha ♥ Took my Alfie bear for a huge walk in the sunshine ♥ The warm sunshine came out so the sandals made their first appearance of the year, oh yerrrr ♥ Diary Milk is my weakness ♥ Alfie loves playing in the garden so much that the little monster wouldn't come inside ♥ Whilst doing my weekly shop in Tesco i came across Pop Tarts and BN's, it was like my childhood all over again ♥ I made some triple chocolate cookies, i will be doing a blog post about these when i make my next batch as it was only my first attempt so watch this space ♥

♥ The songs that have been tickling my fancy this week are Rudimental feat Ella Eyre 'Waiting All Night' and Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding 'I Need Your Love'. Both songs are extremely catchy and great for busting a few moves whilst doing your housework which is what i often do ha ha ♥

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Love Hayley xXxXx


  1. Great post I'm pleased you had a great week, cool pictures, I can't wait for the triple chocolate cookies post, I'll have to search for the BN's as they were part of my childhood too and I've never tried Pop Tarts but recently I found myself wanting to try some, so I shall have to give some ago if I find some :) x


  2. Thank you hunni :) The cookies post will be soon, i got my BN's from Tesco and the Pop Tarts so try there when u can , they are delish xxx


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