Creating A Gallery Wall In 3 Easy Steps!

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I've wanted to create a gallery wall in my house for a long time now, they've really become popular and the more I ooohh and arrrhhh over shots of other peoples beautiful gallery walls the more it made me want one of my own, and with the help of Desenio I finally have my very own gallery wall...and wow, I'm in love! For me gallery walls not only add a bit of style and character but it works wonders and add life to a blank wall, and after I whacked our prints up (well my boyfriend done it but ya know) I couldn't believe I'd left such a big space blank for such a long time! It's actually really addictive too, now I feel like I need a gallery wall or prints in every room of my house! I thought I'd share a couple of tips I picked up along the way whilst creating our gallery wall, I hope they help!
Choose Your Layout - This was the thing I found the hardest about creating a gallery wall, the layout! To begin with I had no idea how many pictures I wanted to go for or how many different sizes of prints I wanted to include but that's where Desenio's amazing templates come in! I designed my gallery wall using Desenio's 'create your gallery wall' tab. You simply select your background - this could be your lounge, kitchen etc - it then brings up loads of different templates to choose from, you then scroll through the website and fill in your template with your chosen prints and keep switching until you get your gallery wall how you like it and voila, it then adds everything to your basket and you can checkout! It's so simply and easy to do and for me it was a god send, it helps massively in putting your prints on the wall too because you will already know the layout.

Find Your Prints/Choose Your Theme - Desenio have thousands of prints to choose from, your literally spoilt or choice on their website, I knew my prints where going on a grey wall so I wanted to go for monochrome prints with black frames so I decided to just flick through all of Desenio's black and white prints! I love a quote so I knew I wanted a couple of those, the 'LA LUNE' picture I loved as soon as I laid eyes on it so I built my gallery wall around that print if I'm honest! You just want to take into consideration the colour of the room/wall you have and what colours you really want to add in via your prints, you want them to compliment your room/wall.

Putting Your Prints Up - If you've used Desenio's 'create your gallery wall' tab like I did then the layout/order of how your prints are going on the wall should already be decided, obviously you can switch it up and if you do decide to change the layout at the last minute the best thing to do is lay all of your prints on the floor in front of your bare wall and just switch the prints around on the floor until your layout is how you want it. I knew my 'LA LUNE' print was going pretty central so we whacked that up first and built the gallery of prints around it, I have serious OCD when it comes to my prints being evenly spaced apart and the best way we found to get every print exactly an inch apart was a pair of calipers, this made the whole process so easy and on point! Also if you have a rented home like we do and don't want to knock nails into the walls I cant recommend the Command strips enough for damage free picture hanging, we found them very easy and effective!

You can find all of the prints and frames I have featured in my post on the Desenio website. 


*Prints and frames where gifted to me by Desenio, all opinions are my own!

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