Magnitone Blend Up Makeup Blending Brush - Christmas Gift Idea

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When your trying to buy a Christmas gift for that makeup loving guy or gal in your life it can be quite tricky because you don't know if your going to buy them makeup or beauty items that they already own, but something which is always a winner in my opinion is makeup tools/brushes, we always need a supply of those don't we beaut's! One makeup tool that really caught my eye and had me very intrigued was the Magnitone Blend Up Makeup Blending Brush, and after trying it I really cant recommend it enough for a Christmas prezzie!
The Magnitone Blend Up* is a Vibra-Sonic™ Makeup brush, it flawlessly blends powder and liquid makeup like a professional makeup artist by moving across the skin over 250 times a second to give the softest looking, most natural, airbrushed effect, which is healthier for the skin and leaves it free from clumping, clogged pores, edge-lines and streaks. 
Now although the Blend Up is super easy to use, I'm not going to lie this does take a big of getting used to when you first start using it, however once you get to grips with how it feels you will notice just how quickly your makeup goes on and wow it looks so, so flawless! I like to use the Blend Up brush mainly for my liquid foundation application but I've also used it for powder, blush and bronzer too, all I do is dot my foundation around my face as usual I then blend the brush over my face for a few seconds and voila, I kind of hold and use it just like I would a buffing brush and the head of the brush and the bristles are very much like a buffing brush actually with the added bonus of 2 speed movement and vibration he he. Talking of the bristles...their super soft and feel very high quality, their also covered with Biomaster antibacterial protection to help prevent cross-contamination and unwanted breakouts.
The Blend Up brush is available in white or black, I opted for the black version because I love it's sleek design and rose gold accents, it's very me although I do love the white version too. The Blend Up brush also comes with a USB charger which fully chargers the brush within 2 hours which is pretty good, and theres also two other brush heads that you can buy separately and swap between if you wish.

Overall I think this is a such a genious idea and maybe something you wouldn't think of buying yourself that's why I think it's such an epic Christmas prezzie idea. I certainly love mine and use it everyday to apply my foundation now, it's amazing how natural it makes the foundation look on the skin, my skin still looks and feels like skin but the coverage is there without any caking, it's fab!

You can find the Magnitone Blend Up Makeup Blending Brush*  for £70.00 HERE.



  1. Oh wow this sounds so good xxx

  2. Love the sound of this! I'm up for anything that makes my make-up look better!

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