The £2.50 Highlighter From Primark You Need!

Hey beaut's!

I bloody love Primark, whether its watching someones haul on YouTube or toddling off to the shops myself and getting my own haul, I love it! One thing that I have never really dabbled in - in Primark was their makeup, mainly because my Primark never had a huge selection until recently! I always hear good things about Primarks makeup and dupes so when I saw their Mink Pink Highlighter it went straight in my basket for me to try!
The Primark Mink Pink Highlighter is a mere £2.50 making it super affordable and a right  beauty bargain! The highlighter itself sits in a large square pan with a thick cardboard style packaging with a flip up lid, it's not the most amazing packaging I've ever seen but hey for £2.50 who cares! The shade I opted for was Mink Pink, there was a couple of other shades to choose from but I thought Mink Pink looked right up my street, it's a stunning champagne-baby pink shade which is so metallic it looks like foil on your skin, it does contain some minute glitter particles within it but it's not too 'discoball-esk' or chunky, it's more of an intense sheen with a few twinkly shimmers within it, it's so blinding!
The formula of the highlighter is really nice, it feels similar to a baked highlighter when you swatch it and kind of picks up on the brush like a baked powder too. A little bit really goes a long way with this highlighter though, it's quite intense so if you like a subtle highlight then use a light hand however if you want to be seen in outta space then go for it like I do he he! The lasting power is actually very good and what I've noticed is just how well this highlighter picks up in a selfie, I've taken a few on my Instagram stories since having the highlighter and each time my highlight has really stood out and I love that!
Overall I so impressed with this little beauty, it looks so pretty on, blends well and doesn't make my pores look big, it's buildable, it lasts well and its such a good price, I definitely want to go back into Primark and try a few other makeup bit's and pieces from them now! If you haven't tried this highlighter yet beaut's I'd urge you to nip down to Primark and grab one, it's the best £2.50 I've spent in a while I tell ya!



  1. Oh I need to pick this up! I'm a huge highlighter addict and at £2.50 its not going to break the bank! Hopefully my local has this on the shelves!

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

  2. Ive been tempted to buy this for so long, now I will! lovely post and lovely photos!

    Abbey Hearts xx

  3. I am such a fan of Primark, I've recently really gotten into their makeup. I've not seen this in my local but I will be sure to pick it up if I see it! Those swatches are just WOW!

    Dena | The Dena Edit | Bloglovin xo

  4. I picked this up on your recommendation and love it, defo need to try more primark makeup xxx


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