Yankee Candle's Christmas Collection 2017

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Oh look another blog post about candles he he, well I warned you I'm a crazy candle lady lol! I popped into my local garden centre recently and to my surprise they already had all of the Christmas Yankee Candles out including their brand new collection called 'The Perfect Christmas', and obviously me being me had to buy them all. The Perfect Christmas Collection contains four brand new scents all of which are super festive, I think they've got this years collection so right, theres a scent for everyone ranging for traditional, warming, sweet and cosy!

Spiced White Cocoa kicks the collection off on a sweet note and oh my shes a beauty, I get white hot chocolate, whipped cream and the warmth of spicy nutmeg from this one, it's so nice and well balanced and reminds me of going into a coffee shop during December for a festive drink! 

Next up is Crackling Wood Fire, doesn't that just sound amazing! This one is quite a warm and cosy scent and includes notes of nutmeg, myrrh, cinnamon, which combine with vanilla, amber, sandalwood and cedarwood. It can give off quite a masculine vibe but the nutmeg and cinnamon make it really warming, perfect for cold winter evenings!

The Perfect Tree literally smells like you have a freshly cut Christmas Tree in your lounge making it one very festive scent, it is quite on the strong side so it's not one I have burning for long but if your into your very fresh, balsam and fir tree scents then your going to love this one!

Finally we have Christmas Magic, this one is again super festive and has a fresh Christmas Tree vibe to it mixed with mandarin and a hit of something very spicy! This is another strong one which only needs minimal burn time for me personally!

Overall I do really like this years collection but my favourite is Spiced White Cocoa quickly followed by Crackling Wood Fire, I'm such a sucker for anything sweet, warm and cosy and those two for me are perfect! Each Yankee Candle wax tart melt claims to provides up to 8 hours of fragrance but personally I find they last sooooo much longer, I can literally have the wax tarts burning in my tart burner for weeks and they still fragrance the entire house which is amazing and such great value for money considering they only set you back £1.79 each.

You can find The Perfect Christmas Collection in all variations HERE.



  1. Omg I need to get up the garden centre asap xoxo

  2. I love Yankee Candles! Can't wait for these to arrive at the stores here so I can smell them xx

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