Girls With Attitude Rainbow Brushes Reviewed!

Hi beaut's!

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful these GWA Makeup Brushes are, oh my goodness I'm in love with them! I was actually lucky enough to win these makeup brushes as part of a twitter giveaway, I couldn't believe it because I never usually win anything ever! Since winning these little beauties I haven't stopped using them, I have a few of GWA's brushes from their original Fairytale Collection which I love but these are just stunning, and I thought it was about time they had their time to shine on my blog!
The Girls With Attitude Rainbow Collection consists of 10 cruelty free, vegan,  synthetic brushes for the face and the eyes, each brush has super soft hand-crafted ombré bristles going from turquoise to purple and then hot pink and are finished off with metallic rose gold/copper tinted handles, oh my I just cant get over how pretty these are! Within the set their are 6 face brushes and 4 eye brushes, so GWA have you fully covered for applying a full face of makeup. Here's the lowdown on whats exactly in the set....
Large Dome Powder Brush - a gorgeous big fluffy brush perfect for using with my setting powder to set my foundation in place, it's also great for bronzing up the skin too.
Angled Bronzer Brush - as the name would suggest this is the perfect brush to bronze and contour with, it's shape really cuts and sculpts the cheek bones whilst blending everything flawlessly at the same time.
Tapered Sculptor Brush - this one is great for applying powder blush to the cheeks, it's fluffy yet domed shape fits on the apples of my cheeks perfectly and again I've used this one with bronzer too and it works beautifully.
Flat Top Buffing Brush - this one is the most amazing brush for buffing in foundation flawlessly and super quickly, it's one of my favourites within the collection for sure.

Tapered Illuminator Brush - this one is perfect for either setting concealer into place or applying highlighter with which is my favourite way to use this brush, arhhh it makes my highlighter look incredible.
Flat Top Small Angled Buffing Brush - I like to use this brush in a couple of ways really, it's the perfect size to blend concealer in under the eyes or on blemishes, it's also great for pin-point contouring around the smaller areas of the face. I've even used it as a finishing brush to blend out my eyeshadow work, it's such a versatile brush.
Fluffy Tapered Blending Eye Brush - I love a fluffy blending brush to blend out all of my eyeshadow work flawlessly and if theres one fluffy brush that will get that job done with ease it's this one, I love it!
Angled Blending Eye Brush - this is another great brush for blending out eyeshadow work and it's angle means it fits so snug in the crease and can help build up some depth of colour whilst you blend.
Firm Flat Eye Shading Brush - this has been my go to brush for packing on colour all over my lid, it's shape and size is just perfect for it.
Precision Smudge Brush - I love popping eyeshadow underneath my eye and this little brush is perfect for that, it's also great for packing on inner corner highlight too.

Overall I am so impressed with these brushes, not only do they look stunning on my dresser but they are so easy to work with, blend my makeup like a dream and they even wash up well too without any shedding bristles. I also love that GWA sell all the brushes within the Rainbow Collection individually as well as in their set, this is great if you fall in love with a certain brush within a set and would like more than one to play with, I'd definitely like to add another Buffing Brush and Tapered Blending Eye Brush to my collection so I'll be treating myself to those very soon.

You can find the Girls With Attitude Rainbow Brush Collection for £44.99 HERE.

Have you tried any of the GWA Fairytale Makeup Brushes beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!



  1. These look so pretty and sounds like they work well !
    May have to give them a try.

    Alex ox

  2. Gorgeous review! I love GWA brushes! This set definitely is so pretty and contains everything you need for your daily makeup ❤️

  3. What an amazing prize to win! They are stunning brushes, definitely a beautiful collection to have on your vanity. I've been indulging in Spectrum Brushes, these sound like they're worth a try is my birthday soon, I might just have to treat myself!

    Honestly Aine


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