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Hey beaut's!

You may have seen that last weekend I started a new little blog series named My Top 5, last time I shared my top 5 concealers which you can find here, but  today I thought I'd share with you all my top 5 beloved brow products.   
HD Brows Kit in Vamp
My HD Brows Kit is by far my favourite brow product, I've easily had this kit 2-3 years and it's still going strong even if it does look slightly battered and bruised but it never fails me. The shade I like to use is called    which I've now hit pan on, it the perfect shade for my brows in fact its an exact match and takes me seconds to perfect. The four shades within the kit double up as great matte eyeshadows too making it a makeup bag staple for me.  

Model Co More Brows in Light/Medium
This little brow gel by Model Co is amazing, it gives my brows a fuller, thicker look instantly because of its cool brush on fibres. I always use this after I've filled in my brows with a powder because it just gives my brows a more natural look as well as setting them into place all day! 

Sleek Eyebrow Stylist in Medium
I love my Sleek Eyebrow Stylist if I'm going for a bolder brow look, don't get me wrong you can achieve a natural look with this little beauty but it does bolder, precise brows very well. The stylist actually has unique angular tip which is great because it can be used either on its side, using the slanted, flat edge to fill in larger area's of the brow with broad strokes and the pointed tip is great for more defining strokes and outlining your brows. The formula of the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist is lovely, it's quite creamy with a certain amount of hardness to it yet it applies smooth which I like as certain brow pencils I've tried in the past have been really hard, stiff and rather drying but Sleeks offering is nothing like that at all.

Barry M Shape & Define Brow Kit 
Just like the Sleek Eyebrows Stylist I like using Barry M's brow kit when I'm going for a bolder more perfected look. The kit comes with an ashy toned brown wax that I like to use as a base to really get those brows into shape and gives the brow powder something to cling too, theres also a cooled toned, dark brown brow powder which is nicely pigmented, soft to swatch and blends out a treat over the brow wax. Lastly theres a highlight shade, which is a bright cream shade with no shimmer of glitter running through it, I find it perfect to mix with the darker brown brow powder when I want a more subtle brow shade. All in all its a great little kit and super affordable too.

Beauty UK 'High Brow' Eyebrow Kit
Lastly I have my trusty Beauty UK 'High Brow' Eyebrow Kit, I think this kit needs more love because it's actually amazing and so cheap too at just £3.99, Id actually say it's quite similar to my HD Brows Kit and the quality isn't far off either. The kit comes with 3 brow powders in a range of different shades of brown and a colourless brow wax, I love using the lightest shade within the kit to fill in the first part of my brows and then deepen up the ends of my brows with a mix of the darker brown brow shades, the formula is honestly really good and lasts all day on my brows, I'd highly recommend giving this one a go! 

What's your favourite brow product beaut's? I'd love to know!



  1. I haven;t tried any of these products - I cant believe that! I will have to try them out as soon as I run out of my current products.

    Hannah Heartss x

    1. Oh my goodness really hun? You defo need to try some of them soon hehe.

  2. More Brows sounds so much like Gimme Brows! i need to try this!

  3. I have the Barry M brow kit I love it! Might need to try a few of these xx

    Shelby |

  4. Really loved reading this, I have just bought the Barry M kit so definitely excited to put it to work now!

  5. These are some lovely products! I use the Rimmel professional brow pencil, I find it makes my brows look so lovely and lasts all day. Lovely post xxx

    Daizy from|


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