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If you've read my blog for a while you'll probably know I'm a huge candle fan, I'm just obsessed and literally have a candle burning everyday in my house because not only does my house then smell amazing everyday but I find candles are just so inviting and homely. I've recently been testing out a Luxury Gift Wrapped Candle Jar in Exotic Fig* (£19.00) by a company called Essence Candles so of course I thought I'd share my thoughts with you all today.
Essence Candles have a shop on Etsy that sell luxury hand poured soy wax candles that are available in tins, glass jars, candle hampers and candle wedding favours which come with personalised labelling and theres five gorgeous scents to choose from too. 
As I said before I received the Luxury Gift Wrapped Candle Jar in Exotic Fig, this option is so nice if your looking to give a candle lover or anyone for that matter a gift as it just looks so pretty, the thick glass jar is sat inside a presentation box that's been filled with baby blue tissue paper and is then finished off with a baby blue bow ribbon. I love that fact that the glass jar is so thick, weighty and good quality because after I've finished with my candle I plan on reusing the jar as either a makeup brush holder, cotton bud holder or for my cotton wool pads, but to be honest the list is endless for the amount of uses the jar can have.
The Exotic Fig scent is just gorgeous, it smells so fresh, tropical, fruity and slightly sweet which makes it the perfect candle to burn through the warmer months. As for how the candle burns.... Well, because the Essence Candles are made from Soy Wax it means they burn a lot longer and more cleanly than you average candle, so you don't get any of that horrid soot build up or wasted wax around the edges of the candle jar and it doesn't release any toxic carcinogens in to the air either. The glass jars can burn for up to 70+ hours and I've been burning mine everyday in 2-3 hour bursts since Ive had it and it's still going strong and looks hardly used, I've found that the 2-3 hours is enough to fill my house with the gorgeous scent for most of the day. Exotic Fig is also a very recognisable scent meaning that if anyone walks into my house after I've been burning it they ask me straight away what I've been burning as my house smells lovely which is always nice.
Overall I think Essence Candles are absolutely lush and make a lovely gift for either someone special or a little treat for yourself. I love that they are made form soy wax too, it's honestly so much better and makes the candle last so much longer not to mention the scent it just AMAZING!!!!

You can find the Essence Candle shop on Etsy here with prices starting from £8.00.

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  1. I need me one of these, love me a good candle!!


  2. This sound absolutely gorgeous! I do love a good candle, especially one that burns cleanly - so I'll definitely be checking this brand out :)

    Fii | little miss fii


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