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Now you've all heard me go crazy about Makeup Revolutions eye shadow palettes, I'm simply obsessed with them he he, but sometimes I actually forget how many other products Makeup Revolution have to offer so today I thought I'd share with you all some other Makeup Revolution must have eye products in the form of pencils, liners and brows woohoo!

Awesome Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner* £3.50

I'm going to start with my absolute favourite... The Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner! I wear winged out eyeliner more or less everyday so when I find a good one I get very excited and I after road testing this little beauty from Makeup Revolution its fair to say I'm extremely excited he he. The double flick eyeliner has 2 ends, one with a thick felt tip style nib great for creating a full on effect and the other end has a thin nib which is great for precision, the concept of this makes winged out liner very easy and I'd highly recommend it for beginners. The formula of the liquid liner is very inky, highly pigmented and easy to use without dragging on the delicate eye area, the liner drys semi-glossy and lasts amazingly well, I apply mine very early in the morning and when I get home from work it's still completely in place and bold as ever.  

Amazing Inner Eye Brightener in Nude* £2.50
I must admit I don't tend to wear nude eyeliner on my waterline often as I love my black eyeliner, but sometimes if I've gone quite heavy on the liquid liner or if I want to wear a more natural makeup look then I will and Makeup Revolutions Inner Eye Brightener is lovely. The brightener has an amazing formula, its smooth, creamy, well pigmented and applies with ease, the Nude shade is lovely too, it's more of a pink-nude which I love as its very natural looking and does a great job of making my eyes appear brighter, more open and awake. The packaging is also great as it one of those automatic, twist up, self- sharpening jobbies which is always appreciated, no pencil sharpening yayyyy!

Awesome Dual Eyeliner Kohl & Flick* in Black £3.50

Another great concept that Makeup Revolution have come up with is their Dual Kohl & Flick Eyeliner, just like the double flick liquid liner the Dual Kohl & Flick is double ended, on one end there is a Black twist up kohl eyeliner pencil and on the other is precise liquid liner, brilliant! The kohl eyeliner is again very easy to use, soft and creamy, blends out very well if you like creating smouldering smokey eyes and has a good amount of pigment, it's the not the blackest kohl liner if ever used but it's still good. The liquid liner end has an easy to use, precise, felt tip style nib but it has a slightly dryer formula and sets more glossy but undoubtedly it's still an amazing liquid liner, overall I think this is a definite handbag staple.

Awesome Ultra Brow Arch & Shape* in Dark £3.50

Oh my goodness I love this... The Ultra Brow Arch & Shape pencil is available in 4 shades Fair, Medium, Dark and Darkest, I have the shade Dark which is definitely best suited for light to medium brunettes as it's not that dark at all really. What I love about the most about the  Ultra Brow Arch & Shape pencil is that it's so easy to use and you can create amazing looking brows that still look super natural which is always a good thing. The brow arch & shape is double ended so on one end you have a soft yet intense brow pencil and on the other end theres a super-fine felt tip which is great for defining your brows further and .drawing in individual hairs for the natural yet full look. The lasting power of this little duo is amazing, especially the felt tip side, theres no budging that bad boy ha ha. 

Yet again Makeup Revolution have impressed me silly amounts, my absolute favourite out of the bunch is the Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner, don't get me wrong I love them all but I've used the double flick eyeliner every single day since Ive had it and literally cant be without it now.

Have you tried any of Makeup Revolutions liners?? What one is your favourite?? I'd love to know. 



  1. These all look amazing! Might have to buy one of the eyeliners :) xx

  2. Don't think I have the guts to try the eyebrow product but the double-ended eyeliner you love looks brilliant and I shall try that soon when my current has run out. Have just bought Elle with the sample-sized Benefit liner so will have to compare that one to the MR one when I get it. Thanks

    Amy at Amy & More

  3. I've seen so much on Revolution recently and need to stock up on these products I think! Thank you for your review and swatches :)

    I've just completed the Sisterhood of the World blogger award questions and have nominated you to take part too! If you want to get involved please see my latest blog post :)

  4. I'm impressed with these products! So handy to have eyeliner and kohl in one pencil and for the price it's definitely a good pick. xx

    Mary Bloomy

  5. These liners look great! great review and love the swatches.x :)

  6. These look great products, might give them a try :)

    Also you can really do a nice eyeliner wing!

  7. I really want to try the Ultra Brow Arch & Shape. I've heard some really good things about it.


  8. Absolutely stunning eyeliner, looks gorgeous.

  9. I am trying to place my first ever Makeup Revolution order (I know I am very late) and have been looking at some must haves and I think I am going to want the first eyeliner and the eye brightener. Great post, really helped.!
    Hajara | Chocolatefrosst Xx


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