My 2019 Holiday Wishlist!

Hey beaut's!

After a seriously crappy year this year it's definitely made me realise that you have to live life to the fullest and do all those things you really want to do in life! This got me thinking of places I've always wanted to travel to and holiday's I've always wanted to take but never gone, well those day's are over for me now and I'm going to take life by my lady balls and I'm already planning out things I want to do in 2019 and places I want to visit!

I've been having a peek on to get some inspiration and ideas and theres so much choice from ski holidays to your sunny beach holiday! Greece is somewhere I've always wanted to visit for as long as I can remember, theres actually so many places in Greece I'd like to visit but I think the first place on my Greek list would be Kos! My best friend Kate has gone to Kos over the last couple of years now and loves it so I'd love to go there, as well as Mykonos which is actually on my 'lifetime' bucket list so finally going there would be insane!

Paris is definitely somewhere I'd like to visit next year, again its somewhere I've always wanted to visit because of how beautiful it looks and how much there actually is to see there, and of course I'd love to visit some french bakery's. It would be pretty epic to combine the trip of exploring Paris and go to Disney Land Paris too, the Disney lover inside me has always want to go here and Paris seems much more of a realistic option for me, unlike pricey Florida! Sticking with France I've always wanted to go on a snowy ski trip there or to Austria during the autumn/winter time, everything from learning to ski or snowboard to the epic cosy lodges, wood fires, the snow and the endless hot chocolates, it all lures me in, I mean whats not to love!

Next on the destination wish list would have to be Amsterdamknown for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses it's definitely a place I want to explore for a few days next year! I would love to go to the Anne Frank House whilst I was there too, and I 100% want to add a padlock on the Love Locks bridge! 

What's places are on your 2019 holiday wish list beaut's! I'd love to know!


* This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Some great ideas, Greece is always a good idea, and Paris is frigging amazing, we are planning a Amsterdam trip next Spring, I have wanted to go for so long, and cannot wait. xx


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