Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit Review

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Brows are so important to me in my everyday makeup routine, just like lipstick if my brows aren't groomed and filled in then my makeup just isn't complete. I like my brows to look really natural but full with no sparse areas and I always use a brow powder or two to achieve this, powder is definitely the most natural way to go when it comes to brows I think, so when I came across the Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit I couldn't wait to give it a go.

The Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit in Medium* (£9.95) really is the ultimate at home brow bar. The kit contains everything you need for the perfect pair of brows, theres two brow powders to fill in your brows, these can be used singly or mixed together to create your perfect shade and amount of depth, a highlighter to brighten the eye area and highlight that brow bone, a spoolie and a clear brow wax to tame and shape unruly brow hairs, four eyebrow stencils to help get the shape right (great for beginners I just add) and theres even a mini razor!
The two brow powders within this kit are very soft, blendable and super pigmented without being to stark and harsh, personally I love the fact that you get the choice of the two different brow shades within this kit as it allows you to have full control over the look you want and you can mix and match to achieve that perfect brow. I've actually been using the darkest shade with a light hand to add in small brow hairs with tiny brush strokes, it's creates such a lovely effect. The brow wax and the little spoolie within this kit are really handy, I must admit I don't use brow wax everyday but I love the fact it's there for when you have those pesky brow hairs that are unruly and stick out of place, it's also great to have if you want to create a very sculpted striking brow. And lastly within the brow palette we have the highlighter.... I'm so impressed with this highlighter, the quality and the shade is stunning, it doesn't contain any chunky glitters it's just a super pretty champagne colour that also looks great swept across the cheekbones too as well as the brow bone!
As I mentioned before this kit does contain four stencils - Natural, Delicate, Dramatic and Sexy! The stencils have all bases covered and are perfect for beginners or if you really struggle getting the shape of your brows just right, then these stencils really do help. And finally I LOVE the mini razor within this set, I actually trim and pluck my eyebrows myself and never go to a salon so the little razor is just what I need to help me when I have a brow grooming sesh!
Overall I love this little kit, it does a great job of making my brows look thicker and more defined without looking harsh or fake. And as I said before I love the fact you get the two brow shades as you can create natural or fuller brows and the choice means it will be more suited to lots of different brow shades.

You can find the Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit for £9.95 HERE.

Have you tried the Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!!


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