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So we may have waved goodbye to 2013 but we can still appreciate a few products we've loved throughout last year cant we? So today I thought I'd do a little round up of a few hair  products that have become either favourites of mine or staple products that I repurchase over and over and cant live without otherwise my hair would be... well just awful ha ha!!! I've already put up my 2013 Beauty Favourites which you can read here ,I could of put lots of products in this post as I really have loved alot of  hair products in 2013 but here are the handful I have chosen, and be warned I do love me some VO5 ha ha....  

Rana Argan Oil
Ive been growing out my hair throughout 2013 and leaving my hair alot longer between trims so the ends tend to split quite bad and also the added fact I use heat on my hair quite often means my hair does need some treatment and a little pick me up, thank goodness for Rana Argon Oil!! I love to use the oil as a before shampoo treatment, I just spritz it all through my hair thoroughly the leave for 40 minuets and shampoo out, it leaves my hair feeling really smooth, shiny and the ends looked so much more healthier.

VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray
A heat protect spray is essential for me as I use heat on my hair most days and VO5's offering is my all time favourite, it smells incredible, it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it greasy and it protects up to 230 degrees which I think is really good and whats best is its super affordable!!!

VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray
 I adore this stuff!!! If you curl or wave your hair this little beauty will be your best friend forever. Ive been curling my hair quite often, its just the style I seem to love at the moment and this spray seems to really help with the effects. I literally curl my hair, put a few pumps of the tousled style spray into my hands and then use my hands like a comb and run it through my hair, not only does it get away any frizz but it just adds more texture and oomph to my hair. I even use this on second/third day hair and it will literally bring your curls/waves back to life like you've just re curled your hair when you actually haven't, its amazing!!! 

VO5 Plump It Up
I only discovered this is October but I just couldn't leave it out, its incredible! I hate backcombing my hair as its such a chore, not to mention how much it damages your hair but I do love abit of added volume at my roots so this stuff is like magic in a can for me ha ha. You simply give the can a good shake before use then spray evenly on dry hair, including your roots, I then rub and jujj where I've sprayed the backcombing spray and then your left with loads of volume, your hair is honestly huge, its also great for up doo's too, whoop!!!

L'Oreal Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray
Whenever I want to achieve messy beachy waves I reach for this L'Oreal beauty every time. You can either use it on dry or damp hair, give it a good scrunch and then voila, you have beachy waves within minutes, its so easy and great for the summer too.

Tigi Bed Head Headrush
This stuff is great if your hair is looking and feeling really dull, its adds so much shine and makes your hair look freshly washed and as with most Tigi products it smells gorgeous!!!

And there you have it, a few hair products that really have made a difference on my hair during 2013.

What have your haircare favourites been during 2013??? Leave me you links if you've done a similar post as I'd love to read it.


  1. I love anything by VO5 in my eyes they literally can do no wrong and the moment I love their Plump me up shampoo and conditioner its so lovely and really adds volume to my flat hair lol! Lovely post!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. Ohh im the same hun, they are litterally on fire at the moment haha, I love their shampoo and conditioners too, they are always a right bargain too xoxo

  2. All I use is VO5, I love it! :)

    Frankie x

  3. Love the Tigi Headrush spray, the smell reminds me of my late teens x


    1. Oh gosh the scent is incredible right?? I love it, its lasted me so long too xoxo

  4. The salt spray is amazing, I have tried this and i love it! I love the sound of the tigi headrush, can't wait to try that! x

    1. The Tigi Headrush is lovely hun, defo worth a purchace, a little goes a long way too :) xoxo

  5. Oh I Love Bed Head Stuff
    Great picks

  6. Mee too hun, its a gorg brand.... Thank you :))) xoxo

  7. Really wanted to try the L'oreal salt spray but i haven't seen any reviews on it. you may have pushed me into buying it now - oh dear! :P
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