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I was recently lucky enough to try Skinetica!!! Skinetica is a kind to skin anti blemish lotion with the added bonus of being a super toner too!!! It claims to clear those angry red spots, pesky blackheads and everyday blemishes in up to 2-3 days, which to be honest is a very bold claim in my opinion. Personally i don't suffer with bad break outs very often, but i do occasionally get the odd spot or two which always leave me with horrid blemishes which tend to hang around for ages so i was keen to put Skinetica to the test. So here's a little bit more information on this super lotion that is Skinetica he he and if it worked for me....

Skinetica is fast acting anti blemish lotion and great if you have an event coming up, yet your skin is looking a mess! Best of all, it's very gentle to skin and won't irritate you, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, and all ethnicity's. Skinetica can also be used as a super toner, used after makeup removal and cleansing, or before makeup application, to remove any traces of dirt or grime and give you a totally fresh canvas. You can use Skinetica in this way even if you don't have any blemishes, as it will prevent them from appearing, amazing right???

Skinetica can also be used as a makeup base. For those of you who suffer with slightly oily skin, you may accustomed to getting a really shiny face after a few hours of wearing makeup. This can occur all year round, but will be even worse in the hot summer months. Using Skinetica under your foundation will ensure it stays in place firmly and will minimise shine, all the while fighting blemishes and imperfections.

 If all of that wasn't good enough the application couldn't be easier, you simply pop some of the lotion on a cotton pad and either wipe over the effected area's alone or your entire face, easy!!! Remember your skin must be free from makeup, moisturisers and be completely dry and clean before you use the lotion, otherwise the results wont be as affective. 
So has this worked on my horrid blemishes you may be wondering??? Well... the answer is yes!!! 

(Apologies for the bad picture quality, both pictures where taken in the evening after cleansing)

As you can see from the before and after picture my blemish has almost vanished in 2 days, and bearing in mind this blemish has been on my cheek for quite some time and was left behind by an ever so lovely spot, and now its nearly gone in 2 days i couldn't be happier!!!

I would highly recommend this to an acne sufferer or someone who is prone to having regular break outs as i think this will do your skin the world of good, also if your like me and you get left with blemishes this would also be beneficial, not to mention it can reduce oiliness of the skin!!! It's definitely worth a whirl!!!  

You can buy your 80ml bottle of Skinetica on the Skinetica Website for just £9.99 a bottle or alternatively you can sign up to try a free 15ml sample to try, brill!!!


P.S. This post does contain a PR sample. This does not affect my opinion of the product.


  1. Wow, this product seems like the perfect thing for me, I will definitely be signing up to try it!!


    1. Its great stuff!!! And defo worth a go whilst they have the free testers going :) xoxo

  2. That sounds great! :) I want some!

    1. It is hun, why not try a free sample available on the website :) It's worth a try xoxo


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