Snow Days.

            Sooo the white stuff that we all wish for at Christmas has finally arrived in the UK.
Honestly after the last few days I think alot of people are getting fed up with the snow now, it prevents them from getting to their jobs, going to school and doing basic day to day things.
 Like I said the snows been here a  few days now and I cant believe the amount we have had in the UK and in Norfolk where I live, to others around the world  it may seem like nothing but we only ever see snow once maybe twice a year so its abit of a shock to the system for us.
 I personally love the snow, everything looks pretty, families are making snowmen or having fun sledging and i think its just so lovely to see.
The snow doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon so i say make the most of it while we can, have fun, wrap up warm and most importantly keep safe.

Here are a few photo's Ive taken over the last few days. Hope you like them.

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