About Me

Hey beaut's!

My name is Hayley, and I'm from the East of England in Norfolk. 

A few years back I decided to start my very own YouTube channel and that's when Haysparkle was born. I decided to review my recent purchases, haul my naughty shopping trips and just have a general chin wag about my life, before long I had a small following who really seemed to enjoy my video's, which was amazing but the dream was always to blog! So in January 2013 I decided to do something I've been wanted to do for a super long time and create my very own blog, somewhere I could be completely free to write whatever I wish about beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

My blog will mostly consist of make-up and beauty reviews, lifestyle posts, fashion finds and general life related rambles. I also think this is a great way for me to document my life and somewhere I can look back on and see what I've done from  January 2013.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to look, comment and generally show interest in my little blog and what I have to say, it honestly means the world to me.