Friday, 20 October 2017

The £3 Gingerbread Candle You NEED!

Hey beaut's!

It's no secret that I'm a crazy candle lady, my house is pretty much lit up with candles 24/7 during the Autumn/Winter months. Last year I got pretty addicted to the Gingerbread Candle from Home Bargains but it sold out pretty rapidly and I never got the chance to stock up, but to my surprise they have bought it back out this year so I wanted to shout it from the roof tops so that any of you gingerbread lovers out there can stock up like I did he he! 

Now I did review this candle last year but just in case you missed it I thought I'd do a little updated version! This yummy Gingerbread Candle costs a teeny tiny £2.99, what a bargain hey, it's in a heavy glass jar and is the same size as the large Yankee Candles so it's seriously good value considering the Yankees are about £24.00 now! When you open the lid your met with the most amazing, strong 'gingerbread men baking in the oven' scent, my goodness its smells incredible but the real test with such an affordable candle is the scent throw, will it only be good for one burn, will it even smell at all??? Well the answer is yes it does, the scent throw is great and it's super recognisable throughout my entire house every single time I burn it, if you like sweet, warming, spicy scents your going to love this and trust me your going to be craving gingerbread so badly each time you burn this!

I love this candle so much that this year I made sure I stocked up and bought four large jars, yup that's right - four he he! If you haven't tried this beauty yet then get yourself to Home Bargains and grab one to try quickly as I think they will sell out fast again this year, they even have smaller jars for 59p and reed de-fusers too.

Have you tried this candle yet beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!


Thursday, 19 October 2017

Soap & Glory She's A Natural Day And Night Palette Reviewed!

Hey beaut's!

Soap & Glory are on fire with their new launches at the moment, their new bath bombs have definitely proved a huge hit with me (read about them HERE) and their new She's A Natural Day And Night Palette is definitely my favourite new makeup launch this month, I've been totally obsessed! 
Soap & Glory's She's A Natural Day And Night Palette* contains everything us natural makeup loving gals need to take us from day to night. The palette itself is a really decent size  with a nice large mirror inside the flip up lid which is always appreciated. Included are a light-deflecting sun kissed bronzer called Bronze Moment, a creamy-blendable blusher called Coral Dilemma, a cream highlighter in Glowing Places and three silky, buidlable and well pigmented eyeshadows in Cafe Away, Culture Choc and Choccy!
The quality of every shade within this palette is lovely, the pigment, the blendability, the lasting power - everything is just gorgeous! The bronzer is right up my street because it isn't too dark or too orange-y and it isn't crammed full of glitter either, it reminds me of a slightly lighter version of Benefit's Hoola, their extremely similar! The Blusher and the Highlighter are both cream formulations and blend into the skin like a dream with the option to build up until your hearts content. The three eyeshadows within the palette are perfect everyday shades for me and their so autumnal and warm, Cafe Away is a lovely neutral matte and Culture Choc and Choccy are both different shades of metallic bronze/copper, I love them!
Overall I absolutely love the little palette, it's one of those palettes that you can quickly whack on and then run out the door without thinking, and if you travel often this is going to be a game changer for you! I was so impressed by the quality of all the shades too, they all apply and blend out within seconds and all of the shades suit my skin tone and eye colouring perfectly which is quite rare when buying an all in one palette, for £14.00 this is such a beauty bargain!

You can find the Soap & Glory She's A Natural Day And Night Palette for £14.00 HERE, it's also currently included in their buy one get one half price deal too!


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Pumpkin Spiced Cupcake Recipe

Hey beaut's!

I've always wanted to bake some cupcakes around the Autumn/Halloween season that included pumpkin, I mean I'm a huge pumpkin lover when it comes to Halloween anyway but more in the decoration, homeware and carving sense not the eating sense, but I was determined this year to bake with pumpkin! Obviously to bake with pumpkin I needed to get some Pumpkin Puree or Pumpkin Spice, both of these are quite tricky to get in the UK but I managed to grab a tin of the puree online, so I based my bake around the puree and came up with a pretty epic Pumpkin Spiced Cupcake recipe, even if I do say so myself he he!  
What You Will Need For 12 Cupcakes
50g butter, softened
1 large egg
90ml milk
125g pureed pumpkin 
100g caster sugar
3 tablespoons brown soft sugar
140g plain flour
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 tablespoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

What You Will Need For The Cinnamon Buttercream
150g unsalted butter
300g icing sugar
1-2 tablespoons milk
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Sprinkles to decorate (optional)

How To - The Cupcakes
 1. Firstly you want to preheat your oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4 and line a 12-hole muffin tin with paper cases.
2. Cream the butter and the caster sugar together in a bowl until pale, then pop in the egg, milk and pumpkin puree and mix again.
3. Then your going to want to add in your brown sugar and mix again, then pop in the rest of your dry ingredients including the flour, spices, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda and mix until it becomes a smooth batter.
4. Divide your batter between the 12 paper cases and bake in the oven for 18-20 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into one of the cakes comes out clean, then set aside to cool.

How To - Cinnamon Buttercream
1. To make the buttercream just beat the butter with an electric whizzer for a couple of minutes until it starts to go pale and fluffy then gradually add in the icing sugar and beat again for a few minutes. If you find your icing is slightly stiff just mix in a small amount of milk to loosen it up a bit.
2. Once the buttercream is done your going to want to add in your half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and mix that through the plain buttercream, to be honest you can add as much cinnamon as you like but I would go quarter teaspoon a time if your going to add it to your taste preference, I like my buttercream to have a light cinnamon taste so half a teaspoon was fine for me. You can also do this 'to taste' method with the spices in your cupcakes depending how much spice you like but I like mine quite delicate!
3. To decorate the cupcakes I just whacked my buttercream into a disposable piping bag and just snipped off the end to create a rounded swirl design, I didn't even bother with a pipping nozzle this time around.
4. I finished the cupcakes off with some orange sprinkles and some candy corn pieces on the top of each one and voila!!! 

I'm so pleased with how these cupcakes turned out, they had a light 'autumnal spiced' taste and the pumpkin made them so moist and sweet, and the buttercream was to die for. I would definitely bake with pumpkin again, I do have quite a lot of the puree left in the can I bought so I might try pumpkin pie next he he. If your struggling to find pumpkin puree I know certain Tesco stores have cans of it and certain Waitrose and Ocado delivery's have it too, their are also recipes online to make your own too!

Do you like cooking with pumpkin beaut's? I'd love to know!


Sunday, 15 October 2017

BH Cosmetics Chic 14 Piece Brush Set Review

Hey beaut's!

I'm a serious makeup brush addict, I just cant resist collecting makeup brushes and putting them to the test and recently I got the most beautiful makeup brushes by BH Cosmetics to try. I'm totally new to BH Cosmetics so I had no idea what to expect from these brushes but I have to put it straight out there... I love them!
The BH Cosmetics Chic Brush Set* consists of 14 cruelty free - synthetic brushes which all have gorgeous peach/rose gold coloured handles and two tones bristles, I mean just look how lovely they are, they even come with a matching cosmetics bag too! The set includes all the essentials you need for the face, eyes and lips from beautifully blended eye make-up looks, to sharp on point brows, pouty lips and even a flawless base, the list is literally endless with what you can do with these beauties! Because the brushes are synthetic they can all be used with creams, powders and liquids and honestly beaut's, these are hands down the softest brushes I have ever felt in my entire makeup obsessed life! They feel so gentle and fluffy against my skin and are not scratchy in the slightest!
Here's a full rundown of the brushes within the set, going from left to right in the above picture.....
1. Angled Powder Brush - Perfect for setting powder, bronzer and contour.
2. Medium Powder Brush - Perfect for bronzer and blusher.
3. Small Powder Brush - I've actually used this to buff in liquid foundation and for powder highlighting and it works amazingly at both.
4. Angled Crease Brush - The perfect crease blender as well as highlighting smaller area's of the face like the nose, cupids bow and brow bones.
5. Medium Flat Eyeshadow Brush - Great for packing on glitter shadow.
6. Medium Oval Eyeshadow Brush - Great for packing on eyeshadow.
7. Eyeshadow Blending Brush - An essential for blending out all eyeshadow work.
8. Concealer Brush - For blending in concealer around the eyes or striping on cream contour.
9. Small Concealer Brush - For concealing blemishes and smaller hard to reach areas.
10. Flat Eyeliner Brush - Great for carving out brows with concealer.
11. Angled Eyeliner Brush - Perfect for applying gel eyeliner or filling in brows.
12. Oval Lip Brush - Great for creating the perfect pout.
13. Standard Lip Brush - Much like the oval lip brush this one is also great for getting the perfect pouty lips.
14. Precision Eyeliner Brush - The most precise eyeliner brush.
It's hard to choose my favourite brushes out of the 14 because I've actually been using them all a lot and their all so versatile, the Angled Crease Brush and the Eyeshadow Blending Brush have been my essentials when it comes to well blended eyeshadow looks, they literally blend like a dream, and the Medium Flat Eyeshadow Brush has been my go to when I want to pack colour onto my lids! The three face brushes I have been using every single day for setting powder, bronzer and highlighter and the Angled Eyeliner Brush I've actually been using for my brows which works a treat!
Overall I'm so impressed with this 14 Piece Set by BH Cosmetics, you honestly wouldn't need any other brushes at all if you got this set because it has everything and each brush is so versatile. They all work like a dream too and never shed, they look absolutely stunning and they are the softest brushes I own, what more could you ask for! My first experience of trying BH Cosmetics has definitely been a good one and now I really want to try some of their makeup too, their palettes look lush!

You can find the BH Cosmetics Chic Brush Set on the Beauty Chamber website for £23.00 HERE.


Saturday, 14 October 2017

Elegant Touch Chrome Collection Review

Hey beaut's!

 I haven't been blessed with the best natural nails, mine are so short, square and stubby so I love to fake it from time to time and Elegant Touch are always my first port of call, they just have so many pretty designs and colours to choose from that I can never resist and their new limited edition Chrome Collection is just stunning!

The Elegant Touch Chrome Collection consists of four gorgeous designs perfect for keeping our nails on trend without the faff of buffing on chrome powders! I've been giving two of the four sets a whirl recently and I am totally obsessed with them, one of the sets in particular called Chrome Kisses leaves me with love hearts in my eyes every time I look at them, their so pretty!
The Chrome Kisses* set have the popular stiletto shape with the most gorgeous peachy-pink holographic finish, in some lights they even look rose gold, I love them so much! The other set I have are the Molten Madame* set, these again have the stiletto shape and have a pearly/oyster colouring with a pinky holographic mirrored finish, these are perfect if you want more of an understated chrome nail!
Each set come completes with 24 nails in 10 different sizes so you can mix and match to get the best fit for you, theirs also some nail glue and a buffer to make the application process quick and easy amd their so comfortable once their on too!

 Overall these are such a winner for me, as I said before my nails are so short and never grow and theres no way I'd be able to achieve these stunning designs just with nail polish, so if your looking for some gorgeous chrome nails this Autumn/Winter then give these a whirl, especially my favourite Chrome Kisses! 

You can find the the Elegant Touch Chrome Collection for £9.95 & £8.95 HERE.


Thursday, 12 October 2017

NEW Soap & Glory Bath Bombs and Dry Skin Balm Reviewed!

 Hey beaut's!

Soap & Glory totally win at bath and body products don't they, I mean who doesn't love to sing in the shower with a Sugar Crush shower gel and an exfoliating sesh with their Breakfast Scrub, I know I do! Lately Soap & Glory have taken things up a notch, we've recently seen them release a range of gorgeous makeup and toiletry bags and now they've only gone a bought out bath bombs and a dry skin balm, say whattttt!!! 
Fizz-A-Ball Bath Bomb* £4.00 Each

The Fizz-A-Ball Bath Bombs are probably my favourite things that Soap & Glory have launched in a while, I've been waiting for them to put their incredible scents into bath bombs and finally they've gone a done it, yay. There are three bath bombs in the Fizz-A-Ball Collection - the Original Pink scent of rose and bergamot for a pure pampering bath, Smoothie Star with a sweet vanilla musk scent for a relaxing bath and Sugar Crush with a sweet lime zest scent for an uplifting bath. I've actually tried the Original Pink and the Smoothie Star bath bombs and both are so lovely and definitely follow the same scents of the shower gels and scrubs, each bath bomb is a decent size - I'd say the same size as a round Lush bath bomb like sex bomb or dragons egg, and they fizz away really well leaving the water a baby pink colour with silver glitters running through it. If you love a good bath and pamper session and are a fan of all things Soap & Glory then you HAVE to give one of these bath bombs a try, what more could you want on a cold Autumnal evening than to pop one of these beauties into the tub and relax! 
Melty Talented* £5.00

Melty Talented is a dry skin balm that can be used in a multitude of ways, whether you have dry lips, nails, knees, elbows, hair tips or basically anywhere that feels like it needs a moisture boost this little balm will lend a helping hand! The formula itself contains coconut and almond oil, mango butter and vitamin e so as you can imagine it's so nourishing and smells incredibly good (just like coconuts), it does have an oily texture as your working it in but that soon sinks in a feels lovely! I also love the fact it comes in a handy little tin because it fit's into my handbag perfectly and can keep me moisturised on the go! 

You can find the Fizz-A-Ball Bath Bombs HERE and the Melty Talented Dry Skin Balm HERE at Boots!


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara Reviewed!

Hey beaut's!

Here comes trouble.....Urban Decay recently launched their new Troublemaker Mascara and I for one got stupidly excited about it! The mascara not only looks pretty epic in the tube but it has some pretty bold claims too, sex-proof being one of them! Say whatttttt!!! 
 The Troublemaker Mascara* comes housed in a gorgeous prismatic tube that has a colour shifting design to it, it looks like something you'd see in an oil slick with blues, pinks, purples, greens, and even gold running through it, it's beautiful. The mascara itself claims to stir up trouble and give us badass lashes with 13.7x more volume, lots of length and separation, not to mention great longevity that can withstand the naughtiness of sex, ohhh la la! After giving this mascara a whirl over the last couple of weeks I do really like it but their are a couple of negatives... Lets start with the good first, it does add lots of length and volume to my lashes and the formula is very easy to work with and builds up a treat without clumps forming, I haven't experienced any smudging and transferring either and my lashes look the same at the end of the day as when I first applied the mascara in the morning which I love! Now for 1 or maybe 2 negatives, as I said before the mascara didn't smudge or transfer on me but it does flake a little for some reason, whilst this isn't a biggy it can be annoying from time to time! And secondly the wand is plastic which are never usually my favourites and this one is super spiky, I've had to remember not to wriggle the wand right at the root of my lashes like I do with natural bristle wands because I nearly lose an eyeball with this bad boy when I do that ha ha! Obviously that's not a negative at how this mascara works or performs but more of caution warning for all of the eyeballs out there lol!

Overall I have really been loving this mascara, it adds length, volume and drama and really helps open up my smaller eyes making them appear bigger which I love! As for whether or not it’s sex proof … I’ll let you lovelies discover that one for yourselves he he, all I'm saying is that it stays put well despite the odd flake or two he he. 

You can find the Troublemaker Mascara for £19.50 HERE.